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novsfiØ , before a vowel or metri grat. -fiØn , though i may also be elided:

I. as Adv. of Place, aloof, apart, afar, away, Hom.; n. ijdwvn having looked aside, Od.; novsfin ajpov aloof from, Il.; novsfin h[ . ., like plh;n h[ . . , besides, except, Theocr.

II. as Prep. aloof or away from, far from, Hom., Hes.
2. without, forsaken or unaided by, Hom., Aesch.
3. of mind or disposition, novsfin jAcaiw`n bouleuvein apart from the Achaians, i.e. of a different way of thinking, Il.; n. Dhvmhtro" , Lat. clam Cerere , without her knowledge, h. Hom.

4. beside, except, novsfi Poseidavwno" Od.; novsfÆ jWkeanoi`o Il.


nosfivzomai , Dep., with aor. i med. and pass. ejnosfisavmhn (Ep. nosfisavmhn , part. nosfissavmeno" ) , ejnosfivsqhn :— to turn ones back upon a person, to turn away, shrink back, Hom.

2. to turn away from a person, c. gen., Od.
3. c. acc. to forsake, abandon, Hom., Soph.
II. after Hom., in Act., Att. fut. nosfiw` : aor. I ejnovsfisa :— to set apart or aloof, to separate, remove, Eur.:—metaph., n. tina; bivou to separate him from life, i.e. kill him, Soph.; so, n. tinav alone, Aesch.

2. to deprive, rob, tinav ti one of a thing, Pind.; also, tinav tino" Aesch., Eur.
3. Med. to put aside for oneself, to appropriate, purloin, Xen.:— n. ajpo; th`" timh`" to appropriate part of the price, N.T.
b. but the Med. is also just like the Act., to deprive, rob, Eur.


no"-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) sickly, diseased, ailing, Plat., etc.

II. act. pestilential, baneful, Eur.


noterov" , av, ovn , ( novto" ) wet, damp, moist, Eur.; ceimw;n n . a storm of rain, Thuc.


notiva , hJ , ( novto" ) wet, notivai eijarinaiv spring rains, Il.


notivzw , f. ivsw , ( novto" ) to wet: —Pass. to be wetted or wet, Plat., Anth.


novtio" , a, on , and o", on : ( novto" ):— wet, moist, damp, Il., Aesch.:— ejn notivw/ , i.e. the open sea, Od.

II. southern, n. qavlassa , i. e. the Indian ocean, Hdt.


notiv" , ivdo", hJ , ( novto" ) moisture, wet, Eur.

novto", NO vTOS, novto"

NO vTOS , oJ , the south or south-west wind, Lat. Auster , Od., Hdt., etc.

2. Notus is personified as god of the S. wind, Hes.
II. the south or south-west quarter, pro;" novton th`" Lhvmnou Hdt.; to; pro;" n. th`" povlew" Thuc.

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