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nu`n , Adv. now at this very time, Lat. nunc , oi} nu`n brotoiv eijsi mortals who now live, such as they are now,
Il.; so in Att., oiJ nu`n a[nqrwpoi men of the present day; to; nu`n the present time, Plat.;— ta; nu`n (often written tanu`n ) used simply like nu`n , Hdt., Att.

2. also of what is just past, just now, but now, Hom., Soph.
3. now, i.e. as it is, as the case now stands, Thuc.; so, kai; nu`n even in this case, Xen.
II. besides the sense of Time, the enclit. nun, nu denotes
1. immediate sequence of one thing upon another, then, thereupon, thereafter, Hom.
2. also by way of Inference, then, therefore, Il., etc.
3. used to strengthen a command, deu`rov nun quick then! Il.; ei\av nun , etc.; fevre nun, a[ge nun, speu`dev nun, sivga nun , etc., Xen.:—also to strengthen a question, tiv" nun ; tiv nun ; who then? what then? Id.


nu`n dhv , stronger form of nu`n , with pres. now, even now, Plat. 2. with past tenses, just now, a} nu`n dh; ejgw; e[legon Id.


nu<Eth>niv , Att. form of nu`n , strengthd. by -i<Eth> demonstr., now, at this moment, Dem., Aeschin. So in familiar Att., nunmeniv , for nuni; mevn , Ar.; nundiv , for nuni;dev , Id.

nuvx, NU vX

NU vX , nuktov", hJ , Lat. nox , night, i.e. either the nightseason or a night, Hom., Hes., etc.; nuktov" by night, Lat. noctu , Od., Att.; nukto;" e[ti while it was still night, Hdt.; n. th`sde Soph.; a[kra" n . at dead of night, Id.; also, nuktiv Hdt., Soph.;— nuvkta the night long, the livelong night, Hom.; nuvkta" by nights, Id.;— mevsai nuvkte" midnight, Plat.

2. with Preps., ajna; nuvkta by night, Il.; dia; nuvkta Od.; eij" nuvkta, eij" th;n n . towards night, Xen.; uJpo; nuvkta just at night-fall, Thuc., Xen.; dia; nuktov" in the course of the night, Plat.; ejk nuktov" just after night-fall, Xen.; povrrw tw`n nuktw`n far into the night, Id.:— ejpi; nuktiv by night, Il.; ejn nuktiv, ejn th`/ n . Aesch., etc.

3. in pl., also, the watches of the night, Pind., Plat.:—the Greeks divided the night into three watches, Hom., etc.

II. the dark of night, Hom.
2. the night of death, Id.; n. [Aidh" te Soph.
III. Nuvx as prop. n., the goddess of Night, daughter of Chaos, Il., Hes.
IV. the quarter of night, i.e. the West, Hes.


nuvxa , Ep. for e[nuxa , aor. I of nuvssw .

nuov", NUO vS

NUO vS »uØ1/4, ou`, hJ , a daughter-in-law, Hom.; in wider sense, any female connected by marriage, Il.

II. a bride, wife, Theocr., Anth.


Nu`sa , h", hJ , name of several hills sacred to Bacchus, h. Hom., etc.;—Adj. Nuvsio" , a, on , Id.; Nushvio" , Ar.

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