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nuvssa , h", hJ , ( nuvssw ) like Lat. meta , the name of two posts in the iJppovdromo" :

1. the turning-post, so placed that the chariots driving up the right side of the course, turned round it, and returned by the left side (cf. kampthvr ), Il.

2. the starting post, which was also the winning post, Hom.

nuvssw, NU vSSW, nuvssw

NU vSSW , Att. nuvttw , f. xw , to touch with a sharp point, to prick, spur, pierce, Il., Hes.; ajgkw`ni nuvxa" having nudged him with the elbow, Od.; n. gnwvmhn to prick it (and see what is in it), Ar.


nustavzw , aor. I ejnuvstaxa and ejnuvstasa :— to nod in sleep, to nap, slumber, Xen., Plat.

2. to be sleepy, napping, Lat. dormito , Ar., Plat.
3. to hang the head, Anth. Hence nustakthv"


nustakthv" , ou`, oJ , one that nods, nodding, Ar.


nuvttw , Att. for nuvssw .


nuvceuma »uØ1/4, ato", tov , a nightly watch, Lat. pervigilium , Eur. From nuceuvw


nuØceuvw , f. sw , ( nuvx ) to watch the night through, to pass the night, Eur.


nucq-hvmeron , tov , ( hJmevra ) a night and a day, N.T.


nuvcio" »uØ1/4, a, on , and o", on , nightly, i.e.

1. of persons, doing a thing by night, Hes., Aesch., etc.
2. of things, happening by night, Soph., Eur.
3. of places, dark as night, gloomy, Aesch., Eur.


nwv , v. ejgwv III .


nwdov" , hv, ovn , ( nh-, ojdouv" ) toothless, Ar., Theocr.


nwduØniva , hJ , ease from pain, Theocr.

II. an anodyne, Pind. From nwvduno"


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