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nwv-duØno" , on , ( nh- , ojduvnh ) = ajnwvduno" , q.v., without pain, Pind.

II. act. soothing pain, anodyne, Soph.


nwvqeia , hJ , sluggishness, dulness, Plat., etc. From nwqhv"

nwqhv", NWQH vS

NWQH vS , ev" , gen. evo" , sluggish, slothful, torpid, epith. of the ass, Il., Eur., etc.

2. of the understanding, dull, stupid, nwqevstero" somewhat dull, Hdt.


nwvqhti , Ion. for nohvqhti , aor. I pass. imper. of noevw .

nwqrov", NWQRO vS, nwqrov"

NWQRO vS , av, ovn , = nwqhv" , sluggish, slothful, torpid, Plat.


nw`i , we two, v. ejgwv III . Hence nwivtero"


nwivtero" »iØ1/4, a, on , of or from us two, Hom.


nwlemev" , Adv. without pause, unceasingly, continually, Hom.:—so, nwlemevw" , Il.; n. ejcevmen to persevere,

Ib.; but, n. kteivnonto they were murdered without pause, i.e. one after the other, Od. (Deriv. unknown.)


nwmavw , f. hvsw , ( nevmw 1) to deal out, distribute, esp. food and drink at festivals, Hom.

II. ( nevmw III . 2) to direct, guide, control,
1. of weapons, to handle, wield, sway the lance, shield, rudder, Hom.; so metaph., nwvma phdalivw/ povlin was steering it, Lat. gubernabat , Pind.; pa`n n. ejpi; tevrma Aesch.

2. of the limbs, to ply nimbly, gouvnata nwma`n Il.; povda n . Soph.; n. ojfruvn to move the brow, Aesch.
3. to revolve in the mind, Od.: to observe, watch, Hdt., Trag.


nw`/n , Att. for nw`in , v. nw`i .


nwvnumno" , on , Ep. for nwvnuØmo" , used when the penult. is to be long, Hom., Hes.


nwvnuØmo" , on , ( nh-, o[numa , Aeol. for o[noma ) nameless, unknown, inglorious, Od., Aesch., Soph.

II. c. gen., Sapfou`" nwvnumo" without the name of Sappho, i.e. without knowledge of her, Anth.


nw`roy , opo", oJ, hJ , flashing, gleaming, of metal, Il. (Deriv. uncertain.)

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