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nwsavmeno", nwvsasqai , Ion. and Dor. for noh- , aor. I med. part. and inf. of noevw .


nwt-avkmwn , ono", oJ, hJ , with mailed back, Batr.


nwtiai`o" , a, on , ( nw`ton ) of the back or spine, n. a[rqra the spinal vertebrae, Eur.


nwtivzw , ( nw`ton ) only in aor. I ejnwvtisa , to turn ones back, Lat. terga dare , Eur.; c. acc. cogn., palivssuton dravmhma nwtivsai to turn about in backward course, Soph.

II. to cover the back of, tinav Eur.; povnton nwtivsai to skim the sea, Aesch.


nwvtisma , ato", tov , ( nwtivzw ) that which covers the back, of wings, Eur.


nw`ton , tov , or nw`to" , oJ , pl. always nw`ta, tav :— the back, Lat. tergum , Il.; often in pl., like Lat. terga , Hom.; ta; nw`ta ejntrevpein, ejpistrevfein to turn the back, i.e. flee, Hdt.; nw`ta dei`xai Plut.; kata; nwvtou from behind, in rear, Hdt., Thuc.

II. metaph. any wide surface, ejpÆ eujreva nw`ta qalavssh" Hom.; of plains, Pind., Eur.
2. the back or ridge, of a hill, Pind., Eur.; of a chariot, Eur.


nwto-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) carrying on the back: as Subst. a beast of burthen, Xen.


nwcelhv" , ev" , moving slowly and heavily, sluggish, Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence nwceliva


nwceliva , Ep. -ivh , hJ , laziness, sluggishness, Il.

Liddell, H. G., and Scott, Abridged Greek-English Lexicon, (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 1992.

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