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wjtiv" , ivdo", hJ , ( ou\" ) a kind of bustard with long earfeathers, prob. the great bustard, Xen.


w[tru<Eth>na , aor. of ojtruvnw .


wjtwvei" , essa, en , ( ou\", wjtov" ) poët. Adj. with ears or handles, Il., Hes.


wujtov" , Ion. and Dor. for oJ aujtov" .


w[feila , aor. I of ojfevllw .


wjfevleia and wjfeliva , Ion. wjfelivh , hJ : ( wjfelevw ):— help, aid, succour, assistance, esp. in war, Thuc. ; th;n wjf. parevcein tini Id.; wjfeliva" tugcavnein Id.; ouj meta; tw`n keimevnwn novmwn wjfeliva" not for such assistance as is consistent with the laws ( wjfeliva" being = wjfeliva" e{neka ) Id.

II. utility, use, profit, advantage, benefit, Hdt ., Soph. ; c. gen. objecti, ejpÆ wjfeleiva/ tw`n fivlwn for service to them, for their benefit, Plat.

2. a source of gain or profit, a benefit, service, Id., etc.
3. spoil, booty, game, Xen ., Plut.


w[fele", e , 2 and 3 sing. aor. 2 of ojfeivlw II .


wjfelevw , f. hvsw : aor. I wjfevlhsa : pf. -hka : plqpf. wjfelhvkh :— Pass. , f. wjfelhqhvsomai , and fut. med. in pass. sense, wjfelhvsomai : aor. I wjfelhvqhn : pf. wjfevlhmai : 3 sing. plqpf. wjfevlhto : ( o[felo" ):— to help, aid, assist, succour, to be of use or service to any one:

1. absol. to be of use or service, ta; mhde;n wjfelou`nta Aesch .; oujde;n wjfelei` Thuc.
2. mostly c. acc. pers., like Lat. juvare , to be of service to, to benefit, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc. ; wjf. tina e[" ti to be of use to one towards a thing, Thuc.

3. more rarely c. dat. pers., like Lat. prodesse , Trag ., Antipho.
4. once c. gen ., oujdei;" e[rwto" tou`dÆ ejfaivnetÆ wjfelw`n no one appeared to help towards this desire, Soph.

5. c. acc. cogn ., wjfevleian wjf. tina to render him a service, Plat .; so with a neut. Adj ., oujdevn tina wjf . to do one no service, Hdt. ( v. supr. 1); pollav, plevon, plei`ston, wJ" plei`sta wjf . Eur. , etc.

II. Pass. to be helped, i.e. to receive help, aid, or succour, to derive profit or advantage, prov" tino" from a person or thing, Hdt. : e[k tino" Aesch .; ajpov tino" Thuc .; uJpov or parav tino" Plat .; c. part. , wjfelei`sqai ijdwvn to be profited by the sight of a thing, Thuc. ; c. adj. neut. , oujde;n wjfeloumevnh Soph.


wjfevlhma , ato", tov , a useful or serviceable thing, a service, benefit, Aesch ., Eur.

II. generally, use, advantage, profit, Soph ., Xen. ; and wjfelhvsimo"

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