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w{ste fevrein duvnasqai kakovn Xen .:—the Posit. is sometimes put for the Comp. , yucro;n w{ste louvsasqai (for yucrovteron h] w{ste . .) too cold to bathe in, Id.

3. on the condition that. . , like ejfÆ w|/te, paradou`nai sfa`" aujtou;sÆAqhnaivoi", w{ste bouleu`sai o{ ti a]n ejkeivnoi" dokh`/ Thuc.

II. with the Indic., to express the result with emphasis, oujc ou{tw frenoblabeve", w{ste ejbouvlonto

not so insane, as to wish, Hdt. ; bevbhken, w{ste pa`n e[xesti fwnei`n Soph ., etc.

2. at the beginning of a sentence, to mark a strong conclusion, and so, therefore, consequently, w{stÆ o[lwla kaiv se prosdiafqerw` Id.; with the Imper., w{ste mh; livan stevne Soph .; w{ste qavrrei Xen.

III. with part. , for inf. , by attraction to a participle in the principal clause, tosou`ton dienegkovnte", w{sqÆ ejpitavttonte" differing so much as to impose commands, Isocr.


wjstivzomai , f. Att. wjstiou`mai : Med. :—Frequentat. of wjqevomai , to push and be pushed about, mostly c. dat. pers., wjstiei` Kleonuvmw/ you will justle with Cleonymus, Ar. ; wjstiou`ntai ajllhvloisi peri; prwvtou xuvlou Id.; absol. , eij" th;n proedrivan pa`" ajnh;r wjstivzetai justles for the first seat, Id.


w[storgo" , Dor. crasis for oJ a[storgo" .


wjsfrovmhn , aor. 2 of ojsfraivnomai .


w[sw , fut. of wjqevw .


wjta±koustevw , f. hvsw , to hearken to, listen, watch covertly, Hdt ., Xen. , etc. From wjtakousthv"


wjt-a±kousthv" , ou`, oJ , ( ajkouvw ) a listener, spy, Arist.


wjta`n or wjtavn, w\/ ta`n or w\/ tavn , v. tavn , ta`n .


wjtavrion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of ou\" , a little ear, Anth.


w|te , Dor. for w{ste (A), Pind.


wjteilhv , hJ , a wound just inflicted, dei`xen ai|ma katavrreon ejx wjteilh`" Il.; ai|mÆ e[ti qermo;n ajnhvnoqen ejx wjt . Ib.

II. the mark of a wound, a scar, Xen ., Plut. (Deriv. uncertain.)


wjtivon , tov , Dim. of ou\" , but often = ou\" , Anth. , N.T.

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