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wJsauvtw" kai; . . in like manner as. . , Hdt. ; so c. dat ., w}" dÆ au[tw" th`/si kusi; qavptontai Id.; wJ". e[cein Plat.


w\/sde , Dor. for w\ze , 3 sing. impf. of o{zw .


wJ"-eiv or wJ" eij , Ep. wJ" ei[ te , Adv. just as if, as though, ejfivlhsÆ wJ" ei[ te path;r o}n pai`da filhvsh/ Il.

II. like wJ" E, with Numerals, about, Hdt ., Xen.


wjsqhvsomai , fut. pass. of wjqevw .


wjsivn , dat. pl. of ou\" .

w{"-ke, w{"-ken

w{" ke and w{" ken , Ep. for wJ" a[n .


w{" per , or w{sper , Adv. of Manner, like as, even as, just as, ajlwvmeno" w{sperÆOduvsseu" Od., etc. ;— Hom. often puts a word between wJ" and per , e.g. wJ" suv per aujthv, wJ" topavro" per, wJ" e[setaiv per ; w{sper ei\con just as they were, then and there, Hdt .; eujqu;" w{sper ei\cen Xen. ;—strengthd., w{sper ge exactly as, Ar .; oJmoivw", w{sper Thuc.

II. to limit or modify an assertion, like wJspereiv , as it were, Lat. tanquam , w{sper ejggelw`sa Soph.
III. of Time, as soon as, Ar.

wJspereiv, wJspereiv

w{sper eij or wJspereiv , Adv. , just as if, even as, Lat. quasi, tanquam , w{sper eij parestavtei" Aesch. , w{sper ti" mhde;n didoivh Soph.

II. w{sper a]n eij or wJsperaneiv (which properly is elliptical for w{sper a]n h\n, eij . .), Plat.


w{sper ou\n or wJsperou`n , Adv. even as, just as, w{sper ou\n ajpwvleto Aesch.

II. as indeed, as no doubt, eij dÆ e[stin ( w{sper ou\n e[sti ) qeov" Plat.


w{"-te ,

A. as Adv. , bearing the same relation to wJ" , as o{ste to o{" , and used by Hom. more frequently than wJ" in similés; rare in Att. Poets, katwvruce" dÆ e[naion w{stÆ ajhvsuroi muvrmhke" Aesch ., etc.

II. as, as being, like a{te , Lat. utpote , rJei`a mavlÆ, w{ste qeov" very easily, as being a goddess, Il.; w{ste peri; yuch`" since it was for life, Od.; w{ste tau`ta nomivzwn Hdt.

B. as Conjunction, to express the result or effect of the action in the principal clause:
I. with Inf. so as to do a thing, eij dev soi qumo;" ejpevssutai, w{ste nevesqai if thy heart is bent upon returning, Il.; ouj thlivko", w{ste piqevsqai not of such age as to obey, Od.; freq. in Att.

2. after Comparatives with h[ , when the possibility of the consequence is denied, mevzw kaka; h] w{ste ajnaklaivein greater woes than that one is wont to weep for, i.e. too great for tears, Hdt. ; mei`zon h]

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