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plunging it in water, Od.

II. to heal or relieve by medicine, Plat.
2. to bewitch by potions or philtres: hence to bewitch by flattery, Id.: metaph. in Pass. of a lamp, as farmassomevnh crivmato" parhgorivai" Aesch.


fa`ro" , later also favro" »a±1/4, eo", tov , Ep. dat. pl. fa±revessi : ( fevrw ):— a large piece of cloth, a web, Hom., Eur.

II. like clai`na , a cloak or mantle, worn over the citwvn , Hom., etc.:—used as a shroud or pall, Id., Soph.; also as a coverlet, Soph.


Favro" »a±1/4, ou, hJ , Pharos, an island in the bay of Alexandria, Od., Thuc., etc.; famous for its lighthouse, Strab.: then, as appell., favro", oJ , a lighthouse, Anth.


favrso" , eo", tov , a part, portion, favrsea povlio" the quarters of a city, Hdt. (Deriv. uncertain.)


favrugx »a±1/4, hJ , more rarely oJ , gen. favruØgo" :— the throat, gullet, Od., Eur., etc.


fav", fa`sa, favn , aor. 2 part. of fhmiv .


fasga±niv" , ivdo", hJ , Dim. of sq., Anth.


favsga±non , tov , a sword, Hom., Soph. (Deriv. uncertain.)


fasga±n-ourgov" , ovn, ( * e[rgw ) forging swords, Aesch.


favshlo" »a±1/4, oJ , a sort of bean, Ar.

II. hence Lat. phaselus, a light boat, skiff , from its likeness in shape to a bean-pod, Catull., Horat.


favsqai , pres. med. inf. of fhmiv ; favsqe , 2 pl. imper.; favsqw , 3 sing.


fa<Eth>siv , 3 pl. of fhmiv .


fa<Eth>sia<Eth>nov" , ovn , from the river Phasis (v. Fa`si" ):— oJ f . (sc. o[rni" ), the Phasian bird, pheasant, Ar.

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