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:—so Fasianiko;" o[rni" , with a play on sukofavnth" , Id.


favsi" »a±1/4 , (A), ew", hJ , ( faivnw ) an accusation, Dem.


favsi" »a±1/4 , (B), ew", hJ , ( fhmiv ) an assertion, Arist.


Fa`si" , io", oJ , the river Phasis in Colchis, being the boundary of Europe and Asia, Hes., Hdt., etc.


favskw , impf. e[faskon , Ep. favskon (used as impf. of fhmiv ) the inf. and part. pres. of fhmiv are also supplied by favskw : besides this we find Att., imper. favske :— to say, affirm, assert, often with a notion of alleging or pretending, Od., Hdt., Att.; wJ" e[fasken as he said, as he alleged, Soph.

2. to think, deem, expect, Hom., Soph.
3. to promise, c. inf. fut., Od., Thuc.


favsma , ato", tov , ( faivnomai ) an apparition, phantom, Hdt., Aesch., etc.; f. ajndrov" the spectral appearance of a man, Hdt.:— a vision in a dream, Aesch., etc.

2. a sign from heaven, portent, omen, Hdt., Trag.
3. a monster, prodigy, Hdt.; periphr., favsma tauvrou a monster of a bull, Soph.

favssa, FA vSSA

FA vSSA , Att. favtta , hJ , a wild pigeon, ringdove, Ar.


fasso-fovno" , on, ( * fevnw ) dove-killing, Il.


fa<Eth>sw` , Dor. for fhvsw , fut. of fhmiv .


fa±tev , 2 pl. of fhmiv .


fa±teiov" , av, ovn , Ep. for fatevo", ou[ti fateiov" un- utterable, un- speakable, Hes.


fa±tevon , verb. Adj. of fhmiv , one must say, Plat.


fa<Eth>tiv , Dor. for fhsiv , 3 sing. of fhmiv .

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