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fa±tivzw , f. ivsw , Dor. ivzw : aor. I ejfavtisa :—Pass., aor. I ejfativsqhn : pf. pefavtismai :— to say, speak, report, ejfavtisan »ta; gravmmata1/4 Foinikhvia keklh`sqai they spoke of them by the name of Phoenician, Hdt.:—Pass., to; fatizovmenon as the saying is, Soph.

II. to promise, engage, betroth, th;n pai`dav tini Eur.:—Pass., ejmh; fatisqei`sa my promised bride, Id.


favti" »a±1/4, hJ : acc. favtin : voc. favti or favti" : contr. acc. pl. favti<Eth>" : ( fhmiv ):

I. like fhvmh , a voice from heaven, the voice of an oracle, an oracle, Aesch., Soph.
2. a saying among men, common talk, rumour, report, Lat. fama , Od., Trag.; kata; favtin as report goes, Hdt.; wJ" f. kratei` Aesch.; w{sper hJ f . Soph.; f. »ejstiv1/4 ‘tis said that. . , Pind.; hJ f. min e[cei the report goes of him, Hdt.

3. the subject of a saying, a theme, Pind.
II. speech, words, of a single person, Soph.: speech, language, Aesch.


favtnh , hJ , a manger, crib, feeding-trough, Hom., Hdt., Att. (Prob. from Root PAT , patevomai .)


favto , Ep. for e[fa±to , 3 sing. aor. 2 med. of fhmiv .


fa±tov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of fhmiv , that may be spoken, ouj fatov" un- speakable, un- utterable, in- effable, Hes., Pind.

2. metaph. named, famous, notable, Hes.


favtta , hJ , Att. for favssa , Ar.: Dim. favttion , tov , Id.


faul-epiv-faulo" , on , bad upon bad, bad as bad can be, Anth.


faulivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( fau`lo" ) to hold cheap, to depreciate, disparage, Xen.

fau`lo", FA `ULOS, fau`lo"

FA `ULOS , h, on , and o", on , like flau`ro" , of things, easy, slight, Eur., Ar., etc.: Adv., fauvlw" krivnein to estimate lightly, Aesch.; f. ajpodidravskein to get off easily, Ar.; Sup., faulovtata kai; rJa`/sta Id.

2. trivial, paltry, petty, sorry, poor, Thuc., etc.; fau`la ejpifevrein to bring paltry charges, Hdt.: Adv., ou[ti fauvlw" with no trivial force, Eur.

II. of persons, low in rank, mean, common, oiJ faulovtatoi the commonest sort (of soldiers), Thuc. , etc.: also in point of education opp. to sofov" , Eur., etc.; c. inf., fau`lo" mavcesqai Id.; f. levgein Plat.

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