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2. careless, thoughtless, indifferent, Lat. securus , Eur.;—Adv., fauvlw" eu{dein Id.; f. logivsasqai to estimate off-hand, roughly, Ar.; f. eijpei`n , Lat. strictim dicere , carelessly, roughly, Plat.

3. in good sense, simple, unaffected, Id.: Adv., fauvlw" paideuvein tina Xen. Hence faulovth"


faulovth" , hto", hJ , meanness, paltriness, pettiness, badness, of persons and things, Xen., etc.; hJ f. tw`n strathgw`n their want of skill, Dem.; lack of judgment, Xen.

2. in good sense, plainness, simplicity, Id.


fau"-ivmbroto" , on , = fae"-ivmbroto" , Pind.

favw, FA vW

FA vW , 3 sing. Ep. impf. fave , to give light, shine (like faivnw II ), Od.

fevbomai, FE vBOMAI

FE vBOMAI , Pass., only in pres. and impf., = fobevomai , to be put to flight, flee affrighted, Hom.

fevggo", FE vGGOS

FE vGGOS , eo", tov , light, splendour, lustre, h. Hom., Pind., Trag.; esp. like favo", fw`" , daylight, Trag.; dekavtw/ fevggei e[tou" in the tenth years light, i.e. in the tenth year, Aesch.:—also moonlight, Xen.

2. of men, f. ijdei`n to see the light, come into the world, Pind.; lipei`n f . Eur.
3. the light of torches or fire, Aesch.:— a light, torch, Ar.; pl. fevggh watchfires, Plut.
4. the light of the eyes, Eur., Theocr.; tuflo;n f ., i.e. blindness, Eur.
5. light, as a metaph. for glory, pride, joy, Pind., Aesch., etc.


fevggw , to make bright: —Pass. to shine, gleam, Ar.


feivdeo , Ep. imper. of sq.


feidivtia , tav , v. sub filivtia .

feivdomai, FEI vDOMAI, feivdomai

FEI vDOMAI , 3 pl. poët. impf. feivdonto : f. feivsomai , Ep. pefiØdhvsomai : aor. I ejfeisavmhn , Ep. 3 sing. feivsato :—Ep. redupl. aor. 2 pefiØdovmhn , opt. pefiØdoivmhn , inf. pefidevsqai : Dep.:— to spare, Lat. parcere :

I. to spare persons and things in war, i.e. not destroy them, c. gen., Hom., Att.:—absol. to spare, be merciful, Thuc.

II. to spare in using, to refrain from using, use sparingly, i{ppwn feidovmeno" , i.e. taking care of them, Il.; mh; feivdeo sivtou Hes.; feivdeo tw`n nhw`n Hdt.; ti feidovmesqa tw`n livqwn ; why refrain from using them? Ar.; f. mhvte crhmavtwn mhvte povnwn Plat.

2. absol. to be sparing, be thrifty, live thriftily, Theogn.; oiJ gewrgou`nte" kai; feidovmeno" Dem.

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