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:—this part is used as Adj. = feidwlov" , Ar.:—Adv. feidomevnw" sparingly, N.T., Plut.

III. to draw back from, tou` kinduvnou Xen.; feivdou mhde;n w|nper ejnnoei`" shrink not at all from that thou hast in mind, Soph.:—also c. inf. to spare or cease to do, forbear from doing, Eur.


feidwv , ovo" , contr. ou`", hJ , ( feivdomai ) a sparing, nekuvwn Il.

II. absol. thrift, parsimony, Od., Hes.: thrift in exposing oneself to danger, Thuc.


feidwlhv , hJ , = feidwv , Il., Solon.


feidwliva , hJ , = feidwv , Ar., Plat.


feidwlov" , hv, ovn , and ov", ovn , sparing, thrifty, and as Subst. a niggard, miser, Ar., Plat.; f. glw`ssa a niggard tongue, Hes.:—c. gen., f. crhmavtwn Plat.; to; feidwlovn = feidwv , Id.:—Adv. -lw`" , Id.


feivdwn , wno", oJ , an oil-can with a narrow neck, that lets only a little run out, Theophr.

II. as pr. n. feivdwn , name of an old man in Com. Poets, Thrifty: —hence patron. Feidwnivdh" , ou, oJ , Thrifty-son, Ar.


feivsasqai , aor. I inf. of feivdomai : feivsato , Ep. 3 sing.


feistevon , verb. Adj. of feivdomai , one must spare, Isocr.


felleuv" , evw", oJ , stony ground: as pr. n., Ar.


fevlliØno" , h, on , made of cork, Luc.


fellivon , tov , = felleuv" , Xen.


fellov-pou" , oJ, hJ, poun, tov , cork-footed, Luc.

fellov", FELLO vS

FELLO vS , oJ , the cork-tree, Lat. quercus suber : its bark, cork, Lat. cortex , Pind., Aesch. Hence Fellwv


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