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3. of inanimate things, of a door, to creak, Ar.; of thunder, to sound, Xen.; of musical instruments,
II. = ojnomavzw , to name, call by name, Plat.
III. c. acc. pers. to celebrate one aloud, extol, Pind. Hence fqevgma


fqevgma , ato", tov , the sound of the voice, a voice, Pind., Aesch., etc.: of a person, w\ fqevgmÆ ajnaidev" , for w\ fqegxavmene ajnaidh` , Soph.

2. language, speech, Id.
3. a saying, word, Id.
II. of other sounds, as of birds, cries, Id., Eur.; of a bull, roaring, Eur.; fq. queiva" the grinding of the mortar, Ar.; of the nightingales song, Id.

fqeivr, FQEI vR

FQEI vR , oJ : gen. fqeirov" : dat. pl. fqeirsiv :— a louse, Lat. pediculus , Hdt., Ar.

2. a worm in vegetables, Luc.
3. a fir-cone.


fqeiriva<Eth>si" , ew", hJ , the morbus pedicularis, Plut. From fqeiriavw


fqeiriavw , f. avsw , to have morbus pedicularis, Plut.


fqeirotra±gevw , ( fqeivr 3, trwvgw ) to eat fir-cones, Hdt.


fqeivrw (Root FQER, FQAR ): f. fqerw` , Ion. fqerevw , Ep. fqevrsw : aor. I e[fqeira : pf. e[fqarka :— Med., f. fqerou`mai (in pass. sense):—Pass., f. fqa±rhvsomai : aor. 2 ejfqavrhn »a±1/4 , poët. 3 pl. e[fqaren : pf. e[fqarmai , 3 pl. ejfqavratai :— to ruin, waste, spoil, destroy, Lat. perdere , Od., Hdt., etc.:—Pass. to go to ruin, perish, Trag., etc.

II. Pass.,
1. fqeivresqe (as a curse) may ye perish! ruin seize ye! Il.; fqeivrou plague take thee! away with thee! Lat. abi in malam rem ! Ar.; so, eij mh; fqerei` if thou depart not. . , Eur.; c. gen., fqeivresqe th`sde off from her! i.e. unhand her, let her go, Id.; fqeivresqai prov" . . to run headlong to. . , Dem.

2. to have suffered loss from shipwreck, Eur.
3. of women, cersou;" fqarh`nai to pine away in barrenness, Soph.


fqersiØ-genhv" , ev" , ( gevno" ) destroying the race, Aesch.


fqevwmen, fqevwsin , Ep. for fqw`men, fqw`sin , 1 and 3 pl. aor. 2 subj. of fqavnw .


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