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fiØlov-stono" , on , loving sighs, piteous: Adv. -nw" , Aesch.


fiØlostorgiva , hJ , tender love, affectionateness, Xen.


fiØlov-storgo" , on , ( stevrgw ) loving tenderly, affectionate, of the love of parents and children, brothers and sisters, Xen., Theocr., etc.; to; filovstorgon = filostorgiva , Xen.:—Adv. filostovrgw" , Plut.


fiØlo-stra±tiwvth" , ou, oJ , the soldiers friend, Xen.


fiØlo-swvma±to" , on , ( sw`ma ) loving the body, Plat.


fiØlov-tekno" , on , loving ones children or offspring, Hdt., Eur.


fiØlotecnevw , f. hvsw , to love art, practise an art, Plat.


fiØlov-tecno" , on , ( tevcnh ) fond of art, artistic, Plat.: to; filovtecnon ingenuity, Plut.


fiØlovth" , hto", hJ , ( fivlo" ) friendship, love, affection, Hom., etc.; f. tinov" friendship with, affection for, Od.; dia; th;n livan filovthta brotw`n by his over great love for men, Aesch.; w\ filovth" , = w\ fivle , my friend, Plat. Hence filothvsio"


fiØlothvsio" , a, on , and o", on , Dor. filotavsio" »a<Eth>1/4 , of friendship or love, promoting it, Od., Soph.

II. hJ filothsiva or -hvsio" (with or without kuvlix ), the cup sacred to friendship, the loving- cup, Theogn., Ar.; filothsiva" propivnein (where filothsiva" is prob. acc. pl.), to drink healths, Dem.


fiØloti<Eth>mevomai , f. hvsomai : aor. I ejfilotimhvqhn : pf. pefilotivmhmai : ( filovtimo" ):—Dep. to love or seek after honour, to be ambitious, emulous, jealous, Ar., etc.; f. o{ti . . to be jealous because. . , Xen. :—the object of ambition is added with a Prep., fil. ejpiv tini to pride oneself upon it, Id., etc.; e[n tini

Plat.;-with neut. Adj., ajeiv ti filotimouvmeno" pursuing some object of ambition, Xen.

2. c. inf. to strive eagerly and emulously to do a thing, endeavour earnestly, aspire, Id.:—c. acc. et inf. to be anxious that. . , Id. Hence filotivmhma


fiØlotivmhma , ato", tov , an act of ambition or magnificence, Plut.

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