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II. rivalry, Luc.; and filotimiva


fiØloti<Eth>miva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , the character of the filovtimo" , love of distinction, ambition, Eur., Thuc., etc. ;—in good sense, Xen.: c. gen. objecti, f. tinov" emulous desire for a thing, Plat., etc.; f. prov" tina ambitious rivalry with him, Isocr.

2. ambitious pertinacity, obstinacy, Hdt.
3. ambitious display, prodigality, Dem., Aeschin.
II. the object coveted, honour, distinction, credit, Dem.


fiØlov-ti<Eth>mo" , on , ( timhv ) loving honour, covetous of honour, ambitious, emulous, Eur., Plat., etc.; in good sense, Xen., Isocr.:—with abstr. Nouns (in both senses), eujcav Aesch.; h\qo" Eur.; sofivai Ar.; f. ejpiv tini eager to be honoured for a thing, covetous of distinction in. . , ejpi; sofiva/, ejpÆ ajreth`/ Plat.

2. emulously prodigal, lavish, Dem.
3. in pass. sense, = polutivmhto" , august, Aesch.
II. Adv. -mw" , ambitiously, emulously, f. e[cein to vie emulously, Plat.; f. e[cein prov" ti to strive, exert oneself eagerly after a thing, Xen.


fiØlo-toiou`to" , oJ , fond of such and such things, Arist.


fiØlo-tuvranno" , on , friend of tyranny, Plut.


fiØlov-fqoggo" , on , loving noise, noisy, Anth.


fiØlov-fiØlo" , on , loving ones friends, Arist.


fiØlofronevomai , f. hvsomai : aor. I ejfilofronhsavmhn and -fronhvqhn : Dep.: ( filovfrwn ):— to treat affectionately, to shew kindness to, tina Hdt., Plat.; f. tina th`/ dikevllh/ to entertain him with a blow of the mattock, Luc.

2. c. dat., filofronhvsasqaiv tini to shew a favour to one, Xen.:—aor. I pass. filofronhqh`nai , in a reciprocal sense, to shew kindness one to another, to greet one another, Id.; so filofronhvsasqai ajllhvlou" Id.

3. absol. to be of a kindly, cheerful temper, Id.


fiØlofrosuvnh , hJ , ( filovfrwn ) friendliness, kindliness, Il.; tinov" towards one, Hdt.; prov" tina Plat.: pl. friendly greetings, Pind.

II. cheerfulness, Xen.


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