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flovx , hJ , gen. flogov" , ( flevgw ) a flame of fire, Hom.; flovga daivein to kindle a flame, Il.; ejgeivrein Xen.; sbevsai to put it out, Thuc.; also of lightning, Aesch., Eur.; of the heat of the sun, Aesch.; the flame or flash of a bright helmet, Il.;— fl. oi[nou the fiery strength of wine, Eur.


flovo" , oJ , ( flevw ) rarer form of floiov" , Anth.

II. flou`" , Ion. for flevw" , Hdt.


flua<Eth>revw , Ion. fluhrevw , f. hvsw , ( fluva<Eth>ro" ) to talk nonsense, play the fool, Lat. nugari , Hdt., Ar.:—c. acc. cogn., fluarivan fluarei`n Plat. Hence fluariva


flua<Eth>riva , hJ , silly talk, nonsense, foolery, Ar., Plat., etc.; often in pl. fooleries, Lat. nugae , Plat.


fluva<Eth>ro" , oJ , ( fluvw ) silly talk, foolery, nonsense, Ar.

II. a silly talker, tatler, babbler, Plat., N.T.


flua<Eth>r-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) fooling, Plut. fluvzw , v. fluvw .


fluhrevw , Ion. for fluarevw .


fluvktaina , hJ , ( flevw ) a blister caused by rowing, Ar.: of pustules caused by plague, Thuc.

2. a blister on bread, Luc.


fluvw , f. sw : aor. I e[fluØsa , as if from fluvzw , ( flevw ): to boil over, bubble up: metaph. to overflow with words, talk idly, babble, brag, Aesch.


foberov" , av, ovn , ( fovbo" ) fearful, whether act. or pass.:

I. act. causing fear, dreadful, terrible, formidable, Hdt., Aesch., etc.; plhvqei f . fromidable only from numbers, Thuc.; c. inf., f. ijdei`n, f. prosidevsqai fearful to behold, Aesch., Eur.: to; xuvnhqe" toi`" polivtai" foberovn the terror habitual to the people, Thuc.

2. matter for fear, regarded with fear, oujde; o{rko" f . Id.; foberoi; h\san mh; poihvseian they gave cause for fear lest. . , Xen.; to; f . terror, danger, Id.; foberovn »ejsti1/4 mh; . . there is reason to dread that. . , Id.

II. pass. feeling fear, afraid, timid, Soph., Thuc., etc.
2. caused by fear, panic, Thuc.; f. frontivde" anxious thoughts, Plat.
III. Adv. -rw`" , in both senses, Xen., etc.; Comp., foberwvteron , Sup., -wvtata , Id. Hence

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