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foberovth" , hto", hJ , terribleness, Arist.


fobesi-stravth »a±1/4, hJ , scarer of hosts, Ar.


fobevw ( fovbo" ): 3 pl. imper. fobeovntwn : Ion. impf. fobeveskon :—f. -hvsw : aor. I ejfovbhsa :—Pass. and Med., Ion. 2 sing. fovbeai ; Ion. imper. fovbeo or fobeu` , Ep. 3 pl. impf. fobevonto :—f. fobhvsomai , later fobhqhvsomai : aor. I ejfobhvqhn , Ep. 3 pl. ejfovbhqen or fovbhqen :—pf. pefovbhmai : plqpf. ejfobhvmhn , Ep. 3 pl. -hva±to .

A. Act. to put to flight, Lat. fugo , Il.
II. to strike with fear, to terrify, frighten, alarm, Lat. terreo , Hdt., Att.; povno" oJ mh; fobw`n free from alarm, Soph.; fobhvsante" katesthvsanto th;n politeivan they established it by terror, Plat.

B. Pass. and Med. to be put to flight, to flee affrighted, flee, Hom.; fobhqeiv" in flight, Il.; uJpov tino" fobevesqai to flee before him, Ib.

II. to be seized with fear, be affrighted, fear, Hdt., Att.; fobei`sqai ei[" or prov" ti to be alarmed at a thing, Soph.; ajmfiv tini to fear about a thing, Hdt.; periv tino" Xen.; periv tini Thuc., etc.:— fobei`sqai mh; . . to fear lest a thing will be, Lat. vereri ne. . , Eur., etc.; so, f. o{pw" mh; . . Thuc.; so, fob. o{ti. . , wJ" . . to fear that. . , not like Lat. vereri ut. . , Id., etc.:— fob . c. inf. to fear to do, be afraid of doing, Aesch., Trag.

2. c. acc. pers. to stand in awe of, dread, fear, Soph., etc.: c. acc. rei, to fear or fear about a thing, Id.

fovbh, FO vBH

FO vBH , hJ , a lock or curl of hair, Aesch., Soph.

2. the mane of a horse, Eur.
II. metaph., like kovmh , the tresses of trees, foliage, Soph., Eur.


fovbhqen , Ep. 3 pl. aor. I pass. of fobevw .


fovbhma , ato", tov , ( fobevw ) a terror, tino" to one, Soph.


fobhtevon , verb. Adj. of fobevomai , one must fear, Plat.

2. fobhtevo", a, on , to be feared, Id.


fobhtikov" , hv, ovn , ( fobevomai ) liable to fear, fearful, timid, Arist.


fobhtov" , hv, ovn , ( fobevomai ) to be feared, tini Soph.

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