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fovbhtron , tov , ( fobevw ) a scarecrow, terror, in pl. terrors, Plat., N.T.


fovbo" , oJ , ( fevbomai ) flight, Lat. fuga , the only sense in Hom.; fovbonde = fuvgade, mhv ti fovbondÆ ajgovreue counsel not to flight, Il., etc.:— Fovbo" is personified as son of Ares, Ib., Hes.

II. panic fear, such as causes flight, stratw`/ f. ejmbavllein Hdt.:—then generally, fear, terror, properly of the outward show of fear, and so distinguished from devo" (the sensation of fear), Aesch., etc.: the Object of fear is in gen., fear of another, Id., etc.; so f. ajpov tino" Xen.; e[k tino" Aesch.; prov" tino" Soph.;—but, f. periv or uJpevr tino" fear for or concerning. . , Thuc.:—with Verbs, poiei`n or parevcein tiniv Xen.; fovbon ejmbavllein, ejntiqevnai tiniv to strike terror into one, Lat. metum incutere alicui , Xen., etc.;—of the person who feels fear, fovbon lambavnein Eur.; fovbo" e[cei me Aesch.; f. ejmpivptei moi Xen.; dia; fovbou e[rcomai Eur.:—also in pl., Aesch., etc.

2. an object of terror, a terror; fovbo" ajkou`sai a terror to hear, Hdt.:—pl., h]n fovbou" levgh/ Soph.


foibavzw , f. avsw , ( Foi`bo" ) to prophesy, Anth.


foibav" , avdo", hJ , a priestess of Phoebus: generally, a prophetess, Eur.


foibastikov" , hv, ovn , ( foibavzw ) prophetic: c. gen., f. crh`smwn uttering oracles, Plut.


foibavw , f. hvsw ( foi`bo" ) to cleanse, purify, Theocr.


Foivbeio" , a, on , and o", on , Ion. Foibhvio" , h, on :— of Phoebus, sacred to him, Hdt., Eur.


Foivbh , hJ , Lat. Phoebe< , one of the daughters of Uranus and Gaia, Hes.; mother of Phoebus, Aesch.


Foibhiv" , ivdo" , poët. fem. of Foivbeio" , Anth.


Foibov-lhpto" , on , possessed by Phoebus, Plut.:—Ion. Foibov-lampto" , Hdt.


foi`bo" , h, on , (prob. from favo" ) bright, radiant, Aesch.

II. as prop. n., Foi`bo", oJ , Phoebus, i.e. the Bright or Pure: Hom. commonly joins Foi`bo"

jApovllwn , but also has Foi`bo" alone.

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