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foi`nix , i<Eth>ko", oJ , appellat. a purple-red, purple or crimson, because the discovery and earliest use of this colour was ascribed to the Phoenicians, Hom.

2. as Adj., oJ, hJ , (also foivnissa as fem. in Pind.), red, dark red, of a bay horse, Il.; of red cattle, Pind.; of fire, Id., Eur.:— foi`nix and its derivs. included all dark reds, from crimson to purple, while the brighter shades were denoted by porfuvreo", aJlourghv", kovkkino" .

II. the date-palm, palm, Od., Eur., etc.
III. the fabulous bird phoenix, which came from Arabia to Egypt every 500 years, Hdt.:—proverb., foivniko" e[th biou`n Luc.


foivnio" , a, on , and o", on , ( foinov" ) poët. for fovnio" , when the first syll. is to be long, of or like blood, blood-red, red, Od., Aesch., Soph.

II. bloody, blood-stained, murderous, Pind., Aesch., etc.


Foivnissa, foivnissa , fem. of Foi`nix, foi`nix .


foinivssw , f. xw , ( foinov" ) to redden, make red, Orac. ap. Hdt., Eur.:—Pass. to be or become red, Soph., Eur.


foinov" , hv, ovn , ( fovno" ) blood-red, Il.: blood-stained, murderous, h. Hom.


foita±levo" , a, on , and o", on , ( foitavw ) roaming wildly about, Mosch.

II. act. driving madly about, maddening, Aesch., Eur.


foita±liwvth" , ou, oJ , of Bacchus, the roamer, Anth.


foitav" , avdo" , ( foitavw ) fem. Adj. roaming madly, of Cassandra, Aesch.; of the Bacchantes, Eur.; f. novso" madness, frenzy, Soph.; f. ejmporivh , of commerce by sea, Anth.;—also used with a neut. Subst. , foitavsi pteroi`" on wandering wings, Eur.


foitavw , Ion. -evw : impf., Ep. 3 dual foithvthn for ejfoitavthn : ( foi`to" ):— to go to and fro, up and down, to stalk or roam about, Hom., etc.; dia; nho;" f . to keep going about the ship, Od.; horses at pasture, Hdt.; of hounds casting about for the scent, Xen.

2. to roam wildly about, Hom., Soph.; of the priests of Cybelé, Anth.
3. to resort to a person as a friend, f. parav tina to visit him, Plat.; to resort constantly to a person or place for any purpose, ejfoivteon para; Dhiovkea dikasovmenoi Hdt.; f. e[" te ajgorh;n kai; ejx ajgorh`" Id.; f. pro;" tou;sÆAqhnaivou" , of embassies, Thuc.; foita`n ejpi; ta;" quvra" tinov" to

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