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frequent, wait at a great mans door, Hdt.:—so, of a dream, to haunt one, ejn ojneivrasi Eur., Plat.

4. to resort to a person as a teacher, para; to;n Swkravth Plat.; pai`" w]n ejfoivta" ej" tivno" didaskavlou »oi\kon1/4 ; Ar.; absol. to go to school, Plat., Dem.

II. of things, to come in regularly, be imported, ejx ejscavth" »gh`"1/4 o{te kassivtero" hJmi`n foita`/ kai; to; h[lektron Hdt.; si`tov" sfisi pollo;" ejfoivta corn came in to them in plenty, Id.:—also, of the coming in of tribute or taxes, Lat. redire , tavlanton ajrgurivouÆAlexavndrw/ hJmevrh" eJkavsth" ejfoivta a talent of silver came in to Alexander every day, Id.

2. of fits of pain, h{de »novso"1/4 ojxei`a foita`/ kai; tacei\ ajpevrcetai Soph.


foivthsi" , ew", hJ , a constant going, mostly in pl., Xen.: esp. a going to school, Plat.


foiththv" , ou`, oJ , ( foitavw 1. 4) a scholar, pupil, Plat.

foi`to", FO `ITOS

FO `ITOS , oJ , a constant going or coming: —metaph. wandering of mind, Aesch.


folkov" , oJ , found only in Il., as epith. of Thersites, prob. bandy-legged, Lat. valgus . (Deriv. uncertain.)


fovlli" , ew", oJ , the Lat. follis , bellows, Anth.


fovnax , ako", oJ , ( fovno" ) eager for blood, Xen.


fonavw , Desiderative, to be athirst for blood, to be murderous, Soph.; part. pl. dat. fem. fonwvsai" Id.


fovneuma , ato", tov , ( foneuvw ) that which is destined for slaughter, Eur.


foneuv" , oJ , gen. evw" Ep. h`o" ; acc. foneva<Eth> or foneva± : nom. pl. foneve" , contr. fonei`" ; acc. foneva" ; contr. fonei`" :( * fevnw ):— a murderer, slayer, homicide, Hom., Hdt., Att.; of the sword on which Ajax had thrown himself, Soph.:—also as fem., a murderess, Eur.; as Adj., foneva cei`ra murdering hand, Id. Hence foneuvw


foneuvw , f. sw , to murder, kill, slay, Hdt., Aesch., etc.:—Pass. to be slain, Eur., Thuc.


fonhv , hJ, ( * fevnw ) slaughter, murder, always in pl., Il.; ejn th`/si fonh`/sin ei\nai to be in the act of slaying, Hdt.; ejn fonai`" peswvn Aesch.; spa`n fonai`" to rend murderously, Soph.; a[pestin ejn

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