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foravdhn »a±1/4 , ( fevromai ) Adv. borne along, borne or carried in a litter, or the like, as a sick person, Eur. Dem.

2. with rushing motion, violently, Soph.


forbav" , avdo", oJ, hJ , ( fevrbw ) giving pasture or food, feeding, Soph.

II. in the pasture, out at grass, grazing with the herd, Eur.


forbeiva , hJ , ( forbhv ) a feeding-string, i.e. the halter by which a horse is tied to the manger, Xen.

II. a mouthband of leather put like a halter round the lips of pipers, to assist them in blowing, Ar.


forbhv , hJ , ( fevrbw ) pasture, food, fodder, forage, Il., Hdt.; of birds of prey, Soph.


forei`on , tov , ( fevrw ) a litter, Lat. lecti‡ca , Dinarch.


foreuv" , gen. evw" , Ion. h`o", oJ , ( fevrw ) a bearer, carrier, Il.: i{ppo" foreuv" a pack- horse, Plut.


forevw , Ep. 3 sing. subj. forevh/si , Ep. inf. forh`nai, forhvmenai (as if from fovrhmi ):—impf. ejfovreon , Ion. ejfovreun, foreveskon : f. forhvsw : aor. I ejfovrhsa , Ep. fovrhsa :—Frequent. of fevrw , to bear or carry constantly, to be used to carry, i{ppoi oi} foreveskon Phleivwna Il.; of a slave, u{dwr ejfovrei Od.; so, ajggeliva" forevein to serve as a messenger ( ajggelivhn fevrein simply to carry a message), Hdt.; f. qrepthvria , of Oedipus carrying about food in a wallet, Soph.

2. commonly of clothes and armour, to bear constantly, wear, Lat. gesto , Hom., etc.
3. to have, possess, ajglai?a" forevein to be splendid, Od.; ijscura;" f. ta;" kefalav" Hdt.; uJpovpteron devma" f . Eur.

II. Pass. to be borne violently along, be hurried along, Trag.; to be storm-tost, Ar.; to be carried away, Thuc.

III. Med. to fetch for oneself, fetch regularly, Eur. Hence forhdovn


forhdovn , Adv. bearing like a bundle, Luc.; and fovrhma


fovrhma , ato", tov , that which is carried, a load, freight, Lat. gestamen , Soph., Xen.

2. that which is worn, an ornament, Plut., etc.
3. as translation of Lat. ferculum , Id.


forhvmenai, forh`nai , Ep. inf. of forevw .

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