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II. a corn measure, Lys.


forologevw , f. hvsw , to levy tribute from, Polyb., Plut.


foro-lovgo" , on , ( levgw ) levying tribute, Plut.


forov" , ovn , ( fevrw ) bringing on ones way, forwarding, of a wind, favourable, Polyb., etc.

II. bringing in, productive, Theophr.


fovro" , oJ , ( fevrw ) that which is brought in, tribute, such as is paid by subjects to a ruling state, as by the Asiatic Greeks to Athens, Thuc.; fovrou uJpotelei`" subject to pay tribute, Id.; fovron uJpotelevein to pay tribute, Hdt.; ajpavgein, fevrein Ar.; f. tavxasqai to agree to pay it, Hdt.; tavxai to impose it, Dem.

2. any payment, Xen., Plut.


forthgevw , f. hvsw , ( forthgov" ) to carry freights or loads in ships, Hdt. Hence forthgiva


forthgiva , hJ , a carrying of loads, carrying trade, Arist.


forthgikov" , hv, ovn , of or for carrying loads, ploi`on f . a ship of burden, Thuc., Xen. From forthgov"


fort-hgov" , oJ , ( a[gw ) one who carries burdens, a carrier, trafficker, merchant, Theogn., Polyb.


fortivzw , f. ivsw , ( fovrto" ) to load, Babr.; fortivon f. tinav to load one with a burden, N.T.:—Med., ta; meivona fortivzesqai to ship the smaller part of ones wealth, Hes.—Pass. to be heavy laden, pf. part. pefortismevno" N.T., Luc.


fortiØkov" , hv, ovn , ( fovrto" ) of the nature of a burden: metaph. (cf. fovrto" II ) burdensome, wearisome, Dem., Luc.

2. coarse, vulgar, common, Ar., Plat.; of arguments, low, vulgar, ad captandum vulgus, Plat.; tou` fortikou` e{neka out of vulgar arrogance, Aeschin.:—Adv. fortikw`" , coarsely, vulgarly, like a clown, Plat., etc.


fortivon , tov , ( fovrto" ) a load, burden, Ar., Xen.

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