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2. a ships freight or lading, Lycurg.: in pl. wares, merchandise, Hes., Hdt., Att.
3. of a child in the womb, Xen.
4. metaph., f. a[rasqai to take a heavy burden upon one, Dem. (Dim. only in form.)


fortiv" , ivdo", hJ , like nau`" forthgov" , a ship of burden, merchantman, Od. From fovrto"


fovrto" , oJ , ( fevrw ) a load, a ships freight or cargo, Od., Hes., etc. 2. metaph. a heavy load or burden, f. creiva", kakw`n Eur.
II. in Att. tiresome stuff, something common, low, coarse, vulgar, Ar.


foruvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , only in impf. pass. to be spoiled, defiled, Od. (Deriv. uncertain.)


foruvssw , aor. I part. foruvxa" , to defile, Od. (Deriv. uncertain.)


foruØtov" , oJ , ( fevromai ) whatever is swept along by the wind, and so (like surfetov" , from suvrw ), rubbish, sweepings, chaff, Ar.


fovw" , tov , Ep. lengthd. from fw`" , which is itself contr. from favo" , light, Hom., only in nom. and acc. sing.; cf. fovwsde , to the light, to the light of day, Il.


fravgdhn , ( fravssw ) Adv. fenced, armed, Batr.


fra±gevllion , tov , Lat. flagellum, a scourge , N.T. Hence fragellovw


fra±gellovw , f. wvsw , Lat. flagello, to scourge , N.T.


fravgma , ato", tov , ( fravssw ) a fence, breast-work, screen, Hdt., Plat.

2. generally a defence, fr. metwvpwn of a stags horns, Anth.


fragmov" , oJ , ( fravssw ) a fencing in, blocking up, Soph.

II. like fravgma , a fence, paling, palisade, Hdt.
2. a place fenced off, an enclosure, Anth.
3. metaph. a partition, N.T.

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