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fravgnu<Eth>mi , = fravssw , Anth., Plut.


fra±davzw , to make known, ga`n fravdasse (poët. aor. I ) Pind. From fradhv


fra±dhv , hJ , ( fravzw ) understanding, knowledge, Pind.

II. a hint, warning, Aesch., Eur.


fra±dhv" , ev" , gen. evo" , ( fravzw ) understanding, wise, shrewd, opp. to ajfradhv" , Il.


fradmosuvnh , hJ , poët. Noun, understanding, shrewdness, cunning, in dat. pl. fradmosuvnh/sin h. Hom., Hes.


fravdmwn , on , gen. ono" , = fradhv" , Il., Orac. ap. Hdt.


fravzw , (Root FRAD ): poët. impf. fravzon : f. fravsw : aor. I e[fra±sa , Ep. fravsa , poët. also fravssa : pf. pevfra±ka : Ep. aor. 2 pevfra±don, ejpevfradon , imper. pevfrade , 3 sing. opt. pefravdoi , inf. pefradevein, pefradevmen :—Med., Ep. imper. fravzeo, fravzeu : Ep. 3 sing. impf. fravzeto, frazevsketo : f. fravsomai , Ep. fravssomai :—aor. I ejfrasavmhn , Ep. frasavmhn , 3 sing. and pl. ejfravssato, fravssanto ; Ep. 3 sing. subj. fravssetai ; Ep. inf. fravssasqai :—Pass. (in same sense as Med.), aor. I ejfravsqhn : pf. pevfrasmai . To point out, shew, indicate, Hom.; mu`qon pevfrade pa`sin make known the word to all, Od.; e[frase th;n ajtrapovn Hdt.; fwnh`sai me;n oujk ei\ce, th`/ de; ceiri; e[fraze Id.

2. to shew forth, tell, declare, Hdt., Att.: c. gen. to tell of, Soph., etc.:—it differs from levgw , as telling, declaring from simply speaking.

3. c. dat. pers. et inf. to tell one to do so and so, Hom., Thuc.
4. absol. to give counsel, advise, Soph., Aeschin.
II. Med. and Pass. to indicate to oneself, i.e. to think or muse upon, consider, ponder, debate, Hom. , etc.; ejni; fresi; mh`tin ajmeivnw Il.; ajmfi;" fr . to think differently, Ib.

2. to think of, purpose, contrive, devise, design, f. tini qavnaton Hom.; fravssetai w{" ke nevhtai will contrive how. . , Od.

3. c. acc. et inf. to think, suppose, believe, imagine that. . , Ib., Hdt.
4. to remark, perceive, observe, Hom.; c. gen., like aijsqavnomai Theocr.
5. to watch, guard, Od.:— to beware of, Orac. ap. Hdt.; fravzeu kuvna cave canem, Ar.;—c. inf., fravzou mh; fwnei`n take heed not to speak, Soph.:—so absol. to take heed, Aesch., Soph.


fravxanto , Ep. 3 pl. aor. I med. of fravssw .

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