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fravsdw , Dor. for fravzw .


frasivn , Dor. for fresivn , dat. pl. of frhvn .


fravsi" »a±1/4, ew", hJ , speech; enunciation, Plut.


fravssanto , Ep. 3 pl. aor. I med. of fravzw .


fravssetai , Ep. 3 sing. aor. I subj. of fravzw .


fravssw , Att. -ttw , (Root FRAG ): aor. I e[fraxa :—Med., f. fravxomai :—Pass., f. fra±ghvsomai : aor. I ejfravcqhn : aor. 2 ejfravghn »a±1/4 : pf. pevfragmai : 3 plqpf. ejpevfrakto :—in Att. the letters are sometimes transposed, e.g. favrxasqai for fravxasqai, pevfargmai for pevfragmai, farktov" for fraktov" . To fence in, hedge round, esp. for protection or defence, to fence, secure, fortify, fravxe »th;n scedivhn1/4 rJivpessi he fenced the raft with mats, Od.:—Med., fravxanto nh`a" they fenced in their ships, Il.; fraxavmenoi th;n ajkrovpolin Hdt.; but, ejfravxanto to; tei`co" they strengthened it, Id.; absol. to strengthen ones fortifications, Thuc.:—Pass., fracqevnte" savkesin fenced with shields,
Il.; absol.,
pefragmevnoi fenced, fortified, prepared for defence, Hdt., Thuc.
II. to put up as a fence, fravxante" dovru douriv, savko" savkei> joining spear close to spear, shield to shield (so as to make a fence), Il.; fravxante" ta; gevrra having put up the shields as a fence, Hdt.

2. in Xen., of dogs, to put down the tail.
III. to stop up, block, th;n oJdovn Hdt.; tou;" e[splou" Thuc.
2. metaph. to bar, stop: Pass., i{na pa`n stovma fragh`/ N.T.


frasthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( fravzw ) a teller, expounder, informer, tino" of or about a thing, Xen.; frasth;r oJdw`n a guide, Id.; frasth`re" ojdovnte" the teeth that tell the age.


fravthr »a<Eth>1/4 , gen. fravtero" , or fravtwr , fravtoro", oJ , ( fravtra ) a member of a fravtra : in pl. those of the same fravtra , clansmen, Aesch., Ar.; eijsavgein to;n uiJo;n eij" tou;" fravtera" (which was done when the boy came of age) Ar.; ejggravfein tina; eij" tou;" fr . Isae.; oujk e[fusefravtera" (
frasthvr ), he has not cut his citizenteeth, is no true citizen, Ar.; fravtere" triwbovlou clansmen of the dicasts fee, Id. Hence fratorikov"


fra<Eth>torikov" , hv, ovn , = fravtrio" , Dem.


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