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fravtra , hJ , Ion. frhvtrh , Dor. pavtra , Att. fratriva :— a brotherhood: in Hom. a people of kindred race, a tribe, clan, kri`nÆ a[ndra" kata; frhvtra", wJ" frhvtrh frhvtrh/fin ajrhvgh/ choose men by clans, that clan may stand by clan, Il.

II. at Athens, the fratriva was a subdivision of the fulhv , as at Rome the curia of the tribus, Isocr., etc.: every fulhv consisted of three fratrivai , whose members were called fravtere" or fravtore" (as those of a fulhv were fulevtai ): every fratriva contained 30 gevnh , so that by Solons constitution Athens had 12 fratrivai , and 360 gevnh or old patrician houses. (From the same Root as Lat. fra‡ter .) Hence fratriavzw


fra<Eth>triavzw , f. avsw , to be in the same fratriva , Dem.


fra<Eth>triv-arco" , oJ , president of a fratriva , Dem.


fravtrio" »a<Eth>1/4, a, on , Ion. frhvtrio" , ivh, ion , of or belonging to a fravtra : at Athens, epith. of Zeus and Athena, as tutelary deities of the phratriae, Plat., Dem.


fravttw , Att. for fravssw .


fravtwr , oro" , v. fravthr .

frevar, FRE vAR, frevar

FRE vAR , tov , gen. freva<Eth>to" , Ep. pl. freiva±ta , a well (distinguished from krhvnh , a spring), Il., Hdt.

2. a tank, cistern, reservoir, Lat. puteus , Hdt., Thuc.: an oiljar, Ar. Hence freativa


frea<Eth>tiva , hJ , a tank or reservoir, Xen.; and freativa"


frea<Eth>tiva" , oJ , leading to a tank or reservoir, Xen.


Freattwv or frea<Eth>twv , ou`", hJ , a court in Peiraeeus, where homicides used to present themselves for trial, only in dat., ejn Freattoi` Dem., Arist.


frena±pa±tavw , f. hvsw , to deceive, N.T. From frenapavth"


fren-a±pavth" , ou, oJ , ( ajpavth ) a soul-deceiver, N.T.


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