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friktov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of frivssw , to be shuddered at, horrible, Plut.


fri<Eth>k-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) that causes shuddering, horrible, Eur., Ar.:—neut. frikw`de" , as Adv. horribly, Eur.:—Adv. -dw`" , Sup., frikwdevstata e[cein to be in utter horror, Dem.


friØmavssomai , Att. -ttomai , f. xomai , Dep. to snort and leap about, to neigh and prance, of horses, Hdt.; of goats, Theocr. (Perh. formed from the sound.)


frivx , hJ , gen. fri<Eth>kov" , ( frivssw ) the ruffling of a smooth surface: the ripple caused by a gust of wind over the smooth sea, Lat. horror , Od.

II. a bristling up, of the hair, Babr.


fri`xai , aor. I inf. of frivssw .


frixo-kovmh" , ou, oJ , ( kovmh ) with bristling hair, Anth.


frivssw , Att. frivttw , (Root FRI-K ): f. frivxw : aor. I e[frixa : pf. pevfri<Eth>ka ; with poët. part. pefrivkonte" Pind.:— to be rough or uneven on the surface, to bristle, Lat. horrere , of a corn-field, Il., Eur.; of a line of battle, Il.; of hair or bristles, to bristle up, stand on end, Hes., Theocr.;—c. acc. cogn., frivssein lofihvn to set up his bristly mane, Od.; fr. nw`ton Il.; caivthn Ar.

2. frivssonte" o[mbroi , like Virgils horrida grando, Pind.
3. a[sqmati frivsswn pnoav" ruckling in his throat, of one just dying, Id.
II. of a feeling of chill, when ones skin contracts and forms what we call goose-skin, or when the hair stands up on end:

1. of the effect of cold, to shiver, Hes.
2. of the effect of fear, to shiver, shudder, Aesch., Soph.: c. acc. to shudder at one, Il., Soph.; pevfrika jErinu;n televsai I tremble at the thought of her accomplishing, Aesch.;—so c. dat., ejretmoi`" frivxousin they shall shudder at the oars, Orac. ap. Hdt.:—also c. part., pevfrika leuvsswn I shudder at seeing, Aesch.; and c. inf. to fear to do, Dem.

3. to thrill with passionate joy, Soph.


froimiavzomai, -astevon , v. sub prooim- .


froivmion , tov , contr. for pro-oivmion , as frou`do" for pro; oJdou` .


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