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fronevw , Ep. sing. subj. fronevh/si : Ep. impf. frovneon : f. -hvsw , aor. I ejfrovnhsa : ( frhvn ):— to think, to have understanding, to be sage, wise, prudent, a[ristoi mavcesqaiv te fronevein te best both in battle and counsel, Il.; to; mh; fronou`n , of an infant, Aesch.; oiJ fronou`nte" the wise, Soph.; to; fronei`n = frovnhsi" , wisdom, understanding, Id.:—with Advs., eu\ fronei`n Hdt., Trag.; kalw`" fr . Od., etc.

II. to be minded in a certain way, to mean, intend, purpose, c. inf., Il.; frovneon »ijevnai1/4 were minded to go, Ib.:—absol., fronw`n e[prasson prudens faciebam, purposely, Soph.; tou`to fronei` hJ ajgwgh; hJmw`n this is what your bringing us here means, Thuc.

2. with a neut. Adj., fr. tiniv ti to be so and so minded towards him, patri; fivla fronevwn kindly minded towards him, Hom.; so, kaka; fronevousi ajllhvloisin Il.; so with Advs., eu\ fronei`n tini (v. supr.) Od., etc.

3. without a dat., ajgaqav or kaka; fr . Hom.; puknav or pukina; fr . to have wise thoughts, be cunningly minded, Od.; ejfhmevria fr . to think only of the passing day, Ib.; qnhta; fr . Eur.; turannika; fr . to have tyranny in mind, Ar.; ajrcai>ka; fr . to have old-fashioned notions, Id.; esp., mevga fronei`n to be high-minded, Il., Soph., etc.; in bad sense, to be presumptuous, conceited, pride oneself, ejpiv tini on a thing, Plat., etc.; ejfÆ eJautw`/ mevga fr . Thuc.; fr. mei`zon h] katÆ a[ndra to have thoughts too high for man, Soph.; smikro;n fr . to be low- minded, poor- spirited, Id.; h\sson, e[lasson fr . Eur., etc.; ouj smikro;n fr. e[" tina Id.

4. tav tino" fronei`n to be of his mind, of his party, side with him, Hdt., etc.; fr. ta; Brasivdou Ar. ; —so i\son ejmoi; fronevousa thinking like me, Il.; ta; aujtav, kata; twujto; fr . to be like- minded, Hdt.

III. to have a thing in ones mind, mind, take heed to a thing, Od., Aeschin., etc.
IV. to be in possession of ones senses, to be sensible, be alive, e[ti fronevonta , for e[ti zw`nta , Il.; ejn tw`/ froei`n ga;r mhde;n h{disto" bivo" Soph.:—also to be in ones senses, Id.; fronw`n oujde;n fronei`" though in thy wits thou’rt nothing wise, Eur. Hence frovnhma


frovnhma , ato", tov , ones mind, spirit, Lat. animus , Aesch., Plat., etc.

2. thought, purpose, will, Soph.; pl. thoughts, Trag.
II. either in good or bad sense,
1. high feeling, highmindedness, high spirit, resolution, pride, Hdt., Aesch., etc.: pl. high thoughts, proud designs, Hdt., Plat.

2. in bad sense, presumption, arrogance, Aesch., Eur., etc.; and in pl., Isocr., Plut., etc.
III. pl. = frevne" , the heart, breast, Aesch. Hence fronhmativa"


fronhma±tiva" , ou, oJ , self-confident, high-spirited, or (in bad sense) presumptuous, arrogant, Xen., Arist.; and fronhmativzomai


fronhma±tivzomai , Pass. to become presumptuous, Arist.


frovnhsi" , ew", hJ , ( fronevw ) a minding to do so and so, purpose, intention, Soph.

2. arrogance, Eur.
II. thoughtfulness, prudence, Plat., etc.

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