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fronhtevon , verb. Adj. of fronevw , one must think: mevga fr . one must pride oneself, Xen.


frovniØmo" , on , in ones right mind, in ones senses, Soph.

II. staid, unmoved, discreet, Xen.; to; fr . presence of mind, Id.
III. wise, sensible, prudent, Lat. prudens , Plat., etc.:— to; frovnimon prudence, Id.; and in pl., a[poro" ejpi; frovnima devoid of wisdom, Soph.; fronimwvtata levgein Xen.

2. Adv. -mw" , Ar., Plat., etc.; fr. e[cein Xen.; Comp. fronimwvteron , Isocr.


frovni" , ew", hJ , ( frhvn ) prudence, wisdom, perivoide divka" hjde; frovnin a[llwn [Nestor] knows well the customs and wisdom of other men, Od.; kata; frovnin h[gage pollhvn he brought back much wisdom from Troy, Ib.


fronouvntw" , Adv. pres. act. part. of fronevw , wisely, prudently, Soph.


frontivzw , f. Att. iw` : aor. I ejfrovntisa : pf. pefrovntika :

I. absol. to think, consider, reflect, take thought, have a care, give heed, Theogn., Hdt., Att.: to be thoughtful or anxious, pefrontiko;" blevpein to look thoughtful, Eur.

II. with an object,
1. c. acc. rei, to think of, consider, to think out, devise, contrive, Hdt., Att.; foll. by relat. clause, the Verb being in fut., f. tou`to, o{kw" mh; leivyomai Hdt.; fr. pro;" eJwuto;n wJ" dwvsei Id.; fr. o{pw" . . to take thought or consider how a thing shall be done, Plat.

2. c. gen. to take thought for, give heed to a thing, care about it, regard it, mostly with a negat., Persevwn oujde;n fr . Hdt.; Penqevw" ouj frontivsa" Eur.; oujde; tw`n novmwn frontivzousi Plat.;—so with Advs. implying a negat., smikro;n fr. Swkravtou" Id.:—so also, with a Prep., fr. periv tino" to be concerned or anxious about a thing, Hdt., Xen.:— mh; frontivsh/" heed it not, Ar.; ouj, ma; Divj, oujdÆ ejfrovntisa Id. From frontiv"


frontiv" , ivdo", hJ , ( fronevw ) thought, care, heed, attention bestowed upon a person or thing, c. gen., frontivdÆ e[cein tinov" Eur.; ejn frontivdi ei\nai periv tino" Hdt.

2. absol. thought, meditation, Aesch., Soph.; ejn frontivdi moi ejgevneto »to; prh`gma1/4 Hdt.; ejmbh`saiv tina ej" frontivda to set one a thinking, Id., etc.:—in pl. thoughts, aiJ deuvteraiv pw" frontivde" sofwvterai Eur.

3. deep thought, care, concern, Aesch.; ouj fronti;"\Ippokleivdh/ no matter to Hippocleides! Hdt.


frovntisma , ato", tov , ( frontivzw ) that which is thought out, a thought, invention, Ar.


frontistevon , verb. Adj. of frontivzw , one must take heed, Eur., Plat.

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