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frontisthvrion , tov , a place for meditation, a thinkingshop, school, Ar., Luc. From frontisthv"


frontisthv" , ou`, oJ , ( frontivzw ) a deep, hard thinker, as Socrates is called in derision by Ar.; so, fr. tw`n metewvrwn, tw`n oujranivwn a thinker on supra-terrestrial things, Xen.; metevwra fr . Plat. Hence frontistikov"


frontistikov" , hv, ovn , thoughtful, Luc.:—Adv. -kw`" , Xen.


frou`do" , h, on , and o", on , (contr. from pro; oJdou` , as froivmion from prooivmion ):— gone away, clean gone, (as Hom. says pro; oJdou` ejgevnonto ):

1. of persons, gone, fled, departed, Soph., etc.; c. part., frou`doiv »eijsi1/4 diwvkontev" se they are gone in pursuit, Id.; of the dead, fr. aujto;" ei\ qanwvn thou art dead and gone, Id., Eur.

2. undone, ruined, helpless, Eur.
II. of things, gone, vanished, Soph., Eur.; frouvdh me;n aujdhv, frou`da dÆ a[rqra they are gone, i.e. refuse their office, Eur.


frourav , Ion. -rhv, hJ , (v. frourov" ) a looking out, watch, guard, as a duty, Hdt., Aesch.; froura;n a[zhlon ojchvsw shall keep unenviable watch, Aesch.; froura; o[mmato" my watchful eye, Soph.; froura`" a[/dein to sing while on guard, Ar.

2. a prison, Plat.
II. of persons, a watch, guard, garrison, Hdt., Aesch., etc.; esp. of frontier-posts, which were guarded in Attica by the perivpoloi , Xen.

2. at Sparta, a body of men destined for service, froura;n faivnein (v. faivnw A. 1. 5).


frourarciva , hJ , the office or post of frouvrarco" , place of commandant, Xen. From frouvrarco"


frouvr-arco" , oJ , commander of a watch or fortress, Xen.


frourevw , aor. I ejfrouvrhsa :—Med., f. -hvsomai inpass. sense:—Pass., aor. I ejfrourhvqhn : ( frou`ro"
):— to keep watch or guard, Hdt., Thuc.
II. trans. to watch, guard, Hdt., Trag., etc.; stovma frourei`n eu[fhmon , i.e. to keep silent, Eur.:— Pass. to be watched or guarded, Hdt., Trag.

2. to watch for, Eur.; fr. to; crevo" to observe ones duty, Soph.
III. Med., like fulavssomai , to be on ones guard against, beware of, c. acc., Eur.:—Act. in same sense, Soph., Eur.


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