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fuhv , Dor. fuav , hJ , ( fuvw ) growth, stature, esp. fine growth, noble stature, Hom.; Nevstori ei\dov" te mevgeqov" te fuhvn tÆ a[gcista ejwv/kei he was like Nestor both in shape and size and stature (or growth), Il.

II. poët. for fuvsi" , ones natural powers, nature, genius, Pind.
III. the flower or prime of age, Id.


fuvh or fuivh , 3 sing. aor. 2 opt. of fuvw .


fuh`nai , aor. 2 pass. inf. of fuvw .


fu<Eth>kiovei" , essa, en , full of sea-weed, weedy, Il., Theocr.


fu<Eth>kivon or fuvkion , tov , = fu`ko" I , mostly used in pl., Plat., Theocr.

II. = fu`ko" II , rouge, Luc.


fu<Eth>ko-geivtwn , ono", oJ, hJ , near the sea-weed, dwelling by the sea, Anth.

fu`ko", F `UKOS

F `UKOS , eo", tov , Lat. fucus, sea-weed, sea-wrack, tangle , Il.

II. a red colour prepared from it, rouge, Lat. fucus , Ar., Theocr.


fuktov" , hv, ovn , older form of feuktov" , to be shunned or escaped, avoidable, Hom.


fu<Eth>lavzw , f. avxw , to divide into tribes, Plut.


fuØlavkessi , Ep. for fuvlaxi , dat. pl. of fuvlax .


fuØla±khv , hJ , ( fulavssw ) a watching or guarding, watch, guard, ward, esp. by night, fulakh`" mnhvsasqe keep watch and ward, Il.; so, fulaka;" e[cein Ib.; o{pw" ajfanh;" ei[h hJ f . that there might be nothing visible to watch, Thuc.; fulakh;n fulavttein to keep watch, Xen.; ta;" f. poiei`sqai Id.; fulaka;" katasthvsasqai to set watches, Ar.

2. a watch or guard, of persons, Plat., Xen., etc.; hJ tou` swvmato" f . a body guard, Dem.:— a guard or garrison, Hdt.; hJ ejn th`/ Naupavktw/ f ., of a squadron of ships, Thuc.

3. of place, a watch, station, post, Il., Xen.
4. of time, a watch of the night, Hdt., Eur., etc.
5. a place for keeping others in, a ward, prison, Anth., N.T.

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