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II. a watching, guarding, keeping, preserving, whether for security or custody, e[cein ejn fulakh`/ tinav to keep guarded or occupied, Hdt.; to;n th`" glwvssh" carakth`ra ejn fulakh`/ e[cein to preserve the same character of language, Id.; so, dia; fulakh`" e[cein or poiei`sqaiv ti , Thuc.:—also, fulakh;n e[cein , = fulavttesqai , to keep guard, be on the watch, periv tina Hdt.; h\san ejn fulakh`/si were on their guard, Id.

2. guardianship, Arist.
3. a safe-guard, Isocr.
III. (from Med.) precaution, Plat. Hence fulakikov"


fuØla±kikov" , hv, ovn , fitted for watching or guarding, watchful, careful, Plat.


fuØla±kiv" , ivdo" , fem. of fuvlax , Plat.


fula±kov" »uØ1/4, oJ , Ep. and Ion. for fuvlax , Il., Hdt.


fulaktevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of fulavssw , to be watched or kept, Soph., Eur.

II. fulaktevon one must observe, obey, Eur.
2. (from Med.) one must guard against, ti Aesch., Plat.


fuØlakthvr , h`ro", oJ , poët. for fuvlax , Il.


fuØlakthvrion , tov , ( fulavssw ) a guarded post, a fort or castle, Hdt.: an outpost, Lat. statio , Thuc., Xen.

2. a safe-guard, preservative, Dem.; among the Jews fulakthvria were strips of parchment with texts from the Law written on them, used as amulets, N.T.


fuØlaktikov" , hv, ovn , preservative, c. gen., Arist.

II. of persons, vigilant, observant, Xen.; f. ejgklhmavtwn cherishing the recollection of them, Arist.

2. (from Med.) cautious, Id.


fuvlax »uØ1/4, a±ko", oJ , ( fulavssw ) a watcher, guard, sentinel, Lat. excubitor , Hom., Att.; oiJ f . the garrison, Thuc., Xen., etc.; fuvlake" tou` swvmato" body guards, Plat.;—also as fem., klh`/" ejpi; glwvssh/ f . Soph., Eur., etc.

II. a guardian, keeper, protector, Hes., etc.;—c. gen. objecti, f. dorov" a protector against it, the spear, Eur.

2. an observer, tou` dovgmato" Plat.; tou` ejpitattomevnou Xen.
3. of things, fuvlake" ejpi; toi`" wjnivoi" , of the ajgoranovmoi , Lys.

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