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fu<Eth>sivwsi" , ew", hJ , ( fusiovomai ) a being puffed up, inflation, N.T.


fuvskh , hJ , ( fusavw ) a sausage or black-pudding, Ar.


fusthv (sc. ma`za ) , hJ , a kind of barley-cake, the dough being lightly mixed, not kneaded firmly, Anth.;
f. ma`za Ar. (Deriv. uncertain.)


fuvsti" , ew", hJ , ( fuvw ) a progeny, race, Aesch.


fuØta±liva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( futovn ) a planted place, an orchard or vineyard, opp. to corn-land ( a[roura ), Il.

II. a plant, Anth. »u is made long in dactylic verses.]


fuØtavlmio" , on , ( fuvw ) producing, nourishing, fostering, futavlmioi gevronte" fostering sires or aged parents, Aesch.; levktra f . the marriage bed, Eur.

II. natural, by nature; Soph. O. C. 150 should be pointed thus: e] e] ajlaw`n ojmmavtwn ! a\ra kai; h\sqa futavlmio" dusaivwn ; woe for thy blind eyes! say wast thou thus miserable by nature, from thy birth?


fuØteiva , hJ , ( futeuvw ) a planting, Xen.

II. the growth of a plant, Id.
III. a plant, N.T.


fuvteuma , ato", tov , a plant, Pind., Soph.; and futeuthvrion


fuØteuthvrion , tov , a plant grown in a nursery, Xen.

II. a nursery or plantation, Dem.; and futeutov"


fuØteutov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. planted, produced, Plat.


fuØteuvw , f. sw : aor. I ejfuvteusa :—Pass., aor. I ejfuteuvqhn , poët. 3 pl. fuvteuqen : pf. pefuvteumai : ( futovn ):

I. to plant trees, Od., Hdt., etc.:—absol., Hes., Xen.:—Med. to plant for oneself, Pind.
2. metaph. to beget children, Hes., Hdt., etc.; oJ futeuvsa" alone, the father, Soph., Eur., etc.; oiJ

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