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fw`" , tov , contr. for favo" , light, q.v.


fwv/" , hJ , pl. fw`/de" , contr. from fwiv" , q.v.


fwsthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( fw`" ) that which gives light, an illuminator, Anth.:— oiJ fwsth`re" the lights of heaven, stars, Id., N.T.


fw"-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) bringing or giving light, Eur., Ar.:—as Subst., oJ fwsfovro" (sc. ajsthvr ), the lightbringer, Lat. Lucifer , i.e. the morning-star, a name specially given to the planet Venus, Cic.

2. of the eye, Eur., Plat.
II. torch-bearing, epith. of certain deities, esp. of Hecaté, Eur.


fwt-a±gwgov" , ovn , guiding with a light: fwtagwgov" (sc. quvra ) , hJ , an opening for light, a window, Luc.


fwteinov" , hv, ovn , ( fw`" ) shining, bright, Xen.


fwtivzw , f. Att. iw` , to enlighten, illuminate: to instruct, teach, N.T.

2. to bring to light, publish, Ib.
3. to enlighten spiritually, and then to baptize, Ib. Hence fwtismov"


fwtismov" , oJ , illumination, light, N.T.

Liddell, H. G., and Scott, Abridged Greek-English Lexicon, (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 1992.

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