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P .


P, p, pi` , indecl.: sixteenth letter of Gr. alphabet. As numeral pV = 80, but Ëp = 80,000. p is the tenuis labial mute, related to the medial b and the aspirate f . Changes of p in the Gr. dialects, etc.

1. p becomes f, blevp-w blevf-aron, lavp-tw laf-uvssw .
2. in Aeol. and Ion. , it stands for the asp. f, ajmpiv for ajmfiv, panov" for fanov", ajpikevsqai for ajfik- : in Ion. it was retained in apostrophé before an aspirate, ajpÆ hJmw`n, ejpÆ hJmevrhn, uJpÆ uJmw`n , etc. : on the contrary the aspirated form was preferred in Att. , ajsfavrago" for ajspavrago", sfovndulo" for spovndulo" .

3. in Ion. Prose, p becomes k in relatives and interrogatives, kw`" o{kw" oJkoi`o" oJkovso" for pw`" o{pw" oJpoi`o" oJpovso" .

4. in Aeol. , p is used for m, o[ppa for o[mma, pedav for metav .
5. in Aeol. and Dor. , p for t, pevtore" for tevssare", pevmpe for pevnte .
6. sometimes interchanged with g , as in laparov" lagarov", lapavra lagwvn, lavgo" lepus.
7. in Aeol. and Ep. Poetry, p is often doubled in relatives, as o{pph o{ppw" oJppoi`o" for o{ph , etc.
8. in Poets, t is inserted after p , as in ptovli", ptovlemo" for povli", povlemo" .


pa` ; Dor. for ph` ; how?

II. pa for ph , anywhere, anyhow.


pa<Eth>gav , Dor. for phghv .


pag-gevloio" , on , ( pa`" ) quite ridiculous, Plat.


pag-genevth" , ou, oJ , father of all; fem. paggenevteira , mother of all, Anth.


pagglwssiva , hJ , wordiness, garrulity, Pind. From pavgglwsso"


pavg-glwsso" or -tto" , on , speaking all tongues.


pa±geiv" , ei`sa, evn , aor. 2 pass. part. of phvgnumi .


pavgen , Ep. for ejpavghsan , 3 pl. aor. 2 pass. of phvgnumi .


pa±getov" , oJ , frost, Xen .; cf. pavgo" II .


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