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qrivambo" , oJ , a hymn to Bacchus, Cratin.: also a name for Bacchus, Plut. , etc.

II. used to express the Roman triumphus, Id. (Deriv. unknown.)


qrigkivon , tov , Dim. of sq. , Luc.

qrigkov", QRIGKO vS

QRIGKO vS , oJ , the topmost course of stones in a wall, which projected over the rest, the eaves, cornice, coping, Od., Eur. ; qrigko;" kuavnoio a cornice of blue metal, Od.

2. metaph. the coping-stone, culmination, qrigko;" kakw`n Eur.
II. a wall, fence of any sort, Id. Hence qrigkovw


qrigkovw , f. wvsw , to surround with a coping, »aujlh;n1/4 ejqrivgkwsen ajcevrdw/ he fenced it at top with thorn bushes, Od.

II. to build even to the copingstone: metaph. to put the finishing stroke to a thing, Aesch. ; dw`ma kakoi`" qrigkou`n to bring the house to the height of misery, Eur. Hence qrivgkwma


qrivgkwma , ato", tov , a coping, cornice, Eur.


qriØdavkiØno" , h, on , of lettuce, Luc. From qrivdax

qrivdax, QRI vDAX

QRI vDAX »iØ1/4, a±ko", hJ , lettuce, Hdt ., etc.


qrivzw , syncop. for qerivzw , Aesch.


Qri<Eth>na±kivh , hJ , ( qri`nax ) an old name of Sicily, from its three promontories, Od., etc. :—in later times, the old form Qrinakivh was altered into Trinakriva , Lat. Trinacria , as if it were compounded of trei`" a[krai . From qri`nax


qri`nax , a±ko", oJ , ( trei`", ajkhv ) a trident, Ar.

qrivx, QRI vX

QRI vX , hJ , gen. triØcov" , dat. pl. qrixiv , the hair of the head, used by Hom. only in pl. ; Att. also in sing. ; Hom. , etc. :—also sheeps wool, Il.; pigs bristles, Hom .; oujrai`ai trivce" the hair of a horses tail, Il.

2. a single hair, proverb., qri;x ajna; mevsson only a hairs breadth between, Theocr. ; a[xion tricov" ,
i.e. good for nothing,

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