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qri`on, QR `ION

QR `ION , tov , a fig-leaf, Ar.

II. a mixture of eggs, milk, lard, flour, honey, and cheese, a kind of omelette, so called because it was wrapped in figleaves, Id. (Prob. from triv" , from the three lobes of the fig-leaf.)


qrivy , gen. qri<Eth>pov", oJ , ( trivbw ) a wood-worm, Anth.


qroevw , f. hvsw , f. hvsw : aor. I ejqrovhsa : ( qrovo" ):— to cry aloud, Soph .:— to speak, say, utter, Trag .;—and in Med. , Aesch.

2. to tell out, declare, Id., Soph.
II. Pass. to be troubled, N.T.


qrovmbo" , oJ , ( trevfw ) a lump, piece, Lat. grumus , as of asphalt, Hdt. : a clot or gout of blood, Aesch.


qromb-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) like clots, clotted, Soph.


qrovna , tav , only in pl. , flowers embroidered on cloth, patterns, Il.

II. flowers or herbs used as drugs and charms, Theocr. (Deriv. uncertain.)


qrovno" , oJ, ( * qravw ) a seat, chair, Hom .: a throne, chair of state, Hdt ., Att. :—in pl. also, the throne, i.e. the kings estate or dignity, Soph.

2. the oracular seat of Apollo or the Pythia, Aesch. , etc.
3. the chair of a teacher, Lat. cathedra , Plat. Hence qrovnwsi"


qrovnwsi" , ew", hJ , the enthronement of the newly initiated at the mysteries, Plat.


qrovo" , Att. qrou`" , oJ , ( qrevomai ) a noise as of many voices, Il.; of musical sounds, Pind.

2. the murmuring of a crowd, Thuc.
II. a report, Lat. rumor , Xen.


qruallivdion , tov , Dim. of qrualliv" , Luc.


qrualliv" , ivdo", hJ , a plant which, like our rush, was used for making wicks, a wick, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.)

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