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Z, z, zh`ta , tov , indecl., sixth letter of Gk. Alphabet: as numeral zV = eJptav and e{bdomo" (the obsol. õV , i.e. ü , nau, the digamma, being retained to represent e{x, e{kto" ), but Ëz = 7000. Z z is composed of " and d , so that in Aesol. it becomes sd , as Sdeuv" kwmavsdw yiqurivsdw for Zeuv" kwmavzw yiqurivzw :—reversely, in Att. , sd becomes z, jAqhvnaze quvraze for jAqhvnasde quvrasde . But " often disappears in Aeol. , where zav = dia , see zav, za- :—so in Aeol. and Dor. , as we have Deuv" Davn for Zeuv" Zavn, dorkav" = zorkav" :—so also ajrivzhlo" for ajrivdhlo" ; ajlapadnov" from ajlapavzw, paidnov" from paivzw :— Dor. , in the middle of words, it becomes dd , as qerivddw for -ivzw, mavdda for ma`za . Zeta, being a double conson., made a short vowel at the end of the foregoing syllable long by position. But Homer used the vowel short before two prop. names, which could not otherwise come into the Hexam., viz. a[stuØ Zeleivh", uJlhvessa± Zavkunqo" .


zav »a±1/4 , Aeol. for diav, za; ta;n sa;n ijdevan Theocr.



za- insep. Prefix, = da-, ajri-, ejri- , very, as in zav-qeo", zav-koto", za-menhv" , etc.


zavgklon , tov , a reaping-hook or sickle, Lat. falx , Sicilian word for drevpanon , Thuc. Hence Zavgklh , the ancient name for Messana.


za<Eth>-hv" , ev" , acc. zah`n , ( a[hmi ) strong-blowing, stormy, Hom.


zav-qeo" »a±1/4, a, on and o", on , very divine, sacred, Il., etc.


za±-qerhv" , ev" , ( qevro" ) very hot, scorching, Anth.


zav-koro" , oJ and hJ , a temple-servant, being perh. a form of diavkono" , Plut. For -koro" cf. new-kovro" .


zav-koto" »a±1/4, on , exceeding wroth, Il., Theocr.


zavlh »a±1/4, hJ , (perh. from zevw ) the surging of the sea, surge, spray, Aesch ., Soph. , etc. ; puvrpnoo" zavlh , of the fiery rain from Aetna, Aesch. :— metaph. , zavlai storms, distresses, Pind.

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