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2. in Il. the lower part of the qwvrhx , round which the zwsthvr passed, Il.
3. the drawers worn by athletes, in Prose diavzwma , Ib.
II. = zwvnh , a womans girdle, Soph ., Anth.


zwvmeuma , ato", tov , soup, zwmeuvmata put by way of joke for uJpozwvmata newv" , Ar. From zwmeuvw


zwmeuvw , ( zwmov" ) to boil into soup, Ar.


zwm-hvruØsi" , ew", hJ , ( zwmov", ajruvw ) a soup-ladle, Anth.


zwmivdion , tov , Dim. of zwmov" , a little sauce, Ar.

zwmov", ZWMO vS

ZWMO vS , oJ , Lat. jus , sauce to eat with meat, fish, etc. , Ar. ; oJ mevla" z . the black broth of Spartans, Plut.


zwvnh , hJ , ( zwvnnumi ) a belt, girdle:

I. properly the lower girdle worn by women above the hips, (the uppergirdle, the strovfion , being worn under the breasts), Hom.

2. Phrases, lu`se de; parqenivhn zwvnhn unloosed her maiden girdle, of the bridegroom, Od.; Med. of the bride, Anth. :—of men on a march, z. luvesqai to slacken ones belt, i.e. rest oneself, Hdt .:—of pregnant women, fevrein uJpo; zwvnh", trevfein ejnto;" zwvnh" Aesch ., Eur. :— eij" zwvnhn dedovsqai to be given for girdle-money (as we should say, pin-money), of Oriental queens who had cities given them, Xen.

II. the mans belt (in Hom. commonly zwsthvr ), Il., Xen. , etc.
2. the part round which the girdle past, the waist, loin, Il.

zwvnnumi, ZW vNNU MI

ZW vNNU-MI , f. zwvsw : aor. I e[zwsa :— Pass. , aor. I ejzwvsqhn : pf. e[zwsmai :— to gird, esp. to gird round the loins for a pugilistic conflict, Od., Hes. ; z. gai`an , of Ocean, Anth.

II. Med. zwvnnu`mai , to gird oneself, gird up ones loins, of wrestlers and pugilists, who in early times wore a linen cloth ( zw`ma, diavzwma ) round their loins.

2. generally, to gird up ones loins, prepare for battle, Il.; also c. acc ., zwnnuvsketo mivtrhn girded on his belt, Ib.; calko;n z . to gird on ones sword, Ib.


zw/o-gluvfo" »uØ1/4, oJ , ( gluvfw ) a sculptor, Anth.


zw/ogonevw , f. hvsw , ( zwov" ) to produce alive, Luc.

II. to preserve alive, N. T. From zw/ogovno"

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