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zw-ponevw , f. hvsw , ( zwv" ) to represent alive, Anth.


zwpuØrevw , to kindle into flame, light up: metaph ., z. tavrbo" Aesch .; neivkh Eur.


zwv-puØron , tov , ( pu`r ) a spark, ember, Plat ., etc.


zwropotevw , to drink sheer wine, Anth. From zwropovth"


zwro-povth" , ou, oJ , drinking sheer wine, drunken, Anth.


zwrov" , ovn , ( zavw ?) pure, sheer, properly of wine without water, Anth. ; absol. , zwrov" ( sc. oi\no" ) Id.:— Compar. in Hom. , cwrovteron de; kevraie mix the wine more pure, i.e. add less water, Il. As the Greeks mixed their wine with water, the phrase zwrovteron pivnein came to mean not only, as in Hdt. , to drink purer wine than common, but, generally, to drink hard, be a drunkard, like ajkratopotei`n , Theophr. , Luc.


zwv" , neut. zwvn , gen. zwv , = zwov" , Il., Hdt.


zw`sai , aor. I inf. of zwvnnumi .


zwsthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( zwvnnumi ) a girdle, in Il. always a warriors belt or baldric, which passed round the loins and secured the bottom of the qwvrax :—in Od., the belt with which the swineherd girds up his frock.

2. later, = zwvnh , a womans girdle.
3. metaph. of the encircling sea, Anth.


zwstov" , hv, ovn , ( zwvnnumi ) girded, Plut.


zw`stron , tov , ( zwvnnumi ) a belt, girdle, Od.


zwtikov" , hv, ovn , ( zavw ) full of life, lively, Lat. vivax , Plat .: —Adv ., zwtikw`" e[cein to be fond of life, Plut.

2. of works of Art, true to life, to; zwtiko;n faivnesqai pw`" ejnergavzh/ toi`" ajndria`sin ; how do you produce that look of life in your statues? Xen.


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