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ejavndane , Ion. for h{ndane , 3 sing. impf. of aJndavnw .


eJa<Eth>nov" , hv, ovn , ( e{nnumi ) fit for wearing, eJa<Eth>nw`/ litiv with linen good for wear, i.e. fine and white, Il.; pevplo" eJa<Eth>nov" a fine, light, veil, Ib.; eJa<Eth>nou` kassitevroio tin beat out and so made fit for wear, Ib.

II. as Subst. , eJa±nov" , oJ , a fine robe, fit for the wear of goddesses and great ladies, Hom.


e[axa , Ep. for h\xa , aor. I of a[gnumi .

e[ar, [EAR

[EAR , e[a±ro", tov , later Ep. ei\ar , ei[a±ro" ; contr. h\r , h\ro" :— Lat. ver , spring, e[aro" nevon iJstamevnoio in time of early spring, Od.; a{ma tw`/ e[ari at the beginning of spring, Hdt .; ejx h\ro" eijsÆArktou`ron Soph. :— metaph. of the prime or flower of anything, Hdt. , etc. ; e[ar oJra`n to look fresh and bright, Theocr .; genuvwn e[ar , i.e. the first down on a youths face, Anth. Hence ejarivzw


ejarivzw , f. Att. iw` , to pass the spring, Xen.


ejariØnov" , hv, ovn , Ep. eijarinov" ; in other Poets, hjrinov" :— Lat. vernus , of spring, eijarinh; w{rh spring- time, Il., etc. :— neut. hjrinovn, -nav , as Adv. , in spring-time, Eur .; hjrina; keladei`n , of the swallow, Ar.


ejaro-trefhv" , ev" , ( trevfw ) flourishing in spring, Mosch.


e[a" , Ion. 2 sing. impf. of eijmiv (sum).

II. eja`/" , 2 sing. of ejavw .


e[a<Eth>si , Ep. for eijsiv , 3 pl. of eijmiv (sum).


e[askon , Ion. and Ep. impf. of ejavw .


e[assa , Dor. part. fem. of eijmiv (sum).


e{a±tai, e{ato , Ion. for h|ntai, h|nto , 3 pl. pres. and impf. of h|mai .


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