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E, e

E e , fifth letter of the Gr. alphabet: as numeral eV = pevnte and pevmpto" , but Ëe = 5000. The ancients called this vowel ei\ (as they called o, ou\ ). When in the archonship of Euclides (B. C. 403) the Athenians adopted long e ( H h ) from the Samian alphabet, the Gramm. gave to short e the name of e] yilovn , i.e. e without the aspirate, because E had been used for the aspirate. In Ion. , e sometimes stood for a±, bevreqron e[rshn tevssere" for bavraqron a[rshn tevssare" , and in contr. Verbs in -avw , as oJrevw foitevw

e]-e[, e]-e]-e]-e[

e] e[ , or e] e] e] e[ , an exclamation, woe! woe! Aesch ., etc.


e{ , Lat. se , v. sub ou| , sui.


e[a<Eth> , exclam. of surprise or displeasure, ha! oho! Lat. vah ! esp. before a question, e[a, tiv crh`ma ; Aesch. ; e[a, tiv" ou|to" . . ; Eur.


e[a± , Ion. for h\n , impf. of eijmiv (sum).


e[a<Eth> , Ion. for ei[a , 3 sing. impf. of ejavw .

II. eja`/ , Ep. ejava/ , 3 sing. pres.


e[a<Eth>ga »a±1/4 , pf. (with pres. signf .) of a[gnumi :— ejavghn »a±1/4 , aor. 2 pass.


e{a<Eth>da , part. eJa<Eth>dwv" , pf. of aJndavnw :— e[a±don , aor. 2.


eJavlhn or ejavlhn »a±1/4 , aor. 2 pass. of ei[lw .


eJavlwka »a±1/4 , pf. of aJlivskomai :— eJavlwn , aor. 2.


ejavn »a<Eth>1/4 , Conjunct. compounded of eij a[n , also contracted into h[n and a[n , if haply, if, followed by subj. (whereas eij is foll. by indic. or opt. ), Ep. ei[ ke, ai[ ke .

II. in N.T. ejavn is used just like the adverb a[n after relative Pronouns and Conjunctions, as o}" ejavn whosoever, o{so" ejavn, o{sti" ejavn, o{pou ejavn , etc.

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