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3. to provide by labour, earn, Id.:— c. acc. et inf. tou;" qeou;" ejkp. fravzein to prevail on the gods to tell, Id.

4. absol. to work hard, Id., Xen.
5. to work out by searching, to search out, Eur.
6. of food, to digest it by labour, Xen.
7. to work at, work well, Theocr.
8. in Pass. to be worn out, Lat. confici , Plut.


ejk-poreuvw , f. sw , to make to go out, fetch out, Eur .: —Med ., with fut. med. and aor. I pass ., to go out or forth, march out, Xen.


ejk-porqevw , f. hvsw , to pillage, Eur ., etc. :— Pass. , of a person, to be undone, Soph ., Eur.

II. to carry off as plunder, Thuc. Hence ejkporqhvtwr


ejkporqhvtwr , oro", oJ , a waster, destroyer, Eur.


ejk-porqmeuvw , f. sw , to carry away by sea: Eur. has pf. pass. ejkpepovrqmeutai in both pass. and med. sense.


ejk-porivzw , f. Att. iw` , to invent, contrive, Eur.

II. to provide, furnish, Soph ., Ar. , etc. :— Med. to provide for oneself, procure, Thuc.


ejk-porneuvw , f. sw , to commit fornication, N.T.


ejk-potavomai , Ion. -evomai , Dep. to fly out or forth, of snow-flakes, Il.: metaph. , pa` ta;" frevna" ejkpepovtasai (2 sing. Dor. pf .); = quae te dementia cepit ? Theocr.


ejk-pravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to do completely, to bring about, achieve, Lat. efficere , Aesch ., etc. ; to;n kallivnikon ejxepravxate ej" govon ye have made the hymn of triumph end in wailing, Eur.

II. to make an end of, kill, destroy, Lat. conficere , Trag.
III. to exact, levy, Eur .; c. dupl. acc. , crhvmata ejkpr. tinav to exact money from a person, Thuc.
2. to exact punishment for a thing, to avenge, Soph ., Eur. :—so in Med. , Hdt.


ejkprephv" , ev" , ( ejkprevpw ) distinguished out of all, preëminent, remarkable, Il.; megevqei ejkprepestavta Aesch .; ei\do" ejkprepestavth Eur.

II. = e[xw tou` prevponto" , unseemly, monstrous, Thuc .: so Adv. -pw`" , without reasonable grounds,

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