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ejpinevmhsi" , ew", hJ , ( ejpinevmomai ) a spreading, Plut.


ejpinevmw , f. -nemw` and -nemhvsw : aor. I ejpevneima :— to allot, distribute, Hom.

II. to turn ones cattle to graze over the boundaries, Plat .:—in Med. , of cattle, to feed over the boundaries, trespass on ones neighbours lands: metaph. , of fire, to spread over a place, Hdt. :—so of an infectious disease, Thuc. ; in Pass. , o{ro" ejpinevmetai the boundary is exposed to encroachment, Aesch .: cf. ejpinomiva .


ejpi-neuvw , f. -neuvsw , to nod, in token of approval, to nod assent, Il.; ejp. ti to approve, sanction, promise, Eur .; ejpevneusen ajlhqe;" ei\nai he nodded in sign that it was true, Aeschin.

2. to make a sign to another to do a thing, to order him to do, Hom.
3. to nod forwards, kovruqi ejpevneue he nodded with his helmet, i.e. it nodded, Il.
4. to incline towards, Ar.


ejpi-nevfelo" , on , ( nefevlh ) clouded, overcast, ejpinefevlwn o[ntwn ( gen. absol .) the weather being cloudy, Hdt.


ejpi-nefrivdio" , on , ( nefrov" ) upon the kidneys, Il.


ejpi-nevw (A), f. -nhvsw , to allot by spinning, of the Fates, Il.


ejpi-nevw (B), to heap up or load with a thing, c. gen ., Hdt.


ejpi-nhvi>o" , on , ( nau`", nhu`" ) on board ship, Anth.


ejpi-nhnevw , only in impf. , to heap or pile upon a thing, c. gen ., Il.


ejpi-nhvcomai , f. xomai , Dep. to swim upon, Batr.; ejpenavceto fwnav the voice came up to earth, Theocr.


ejpinivkeio" , on , = sq. , Soph.


ejpinivkio" »i<Eth>1/4, on , ( nivkh ) of victory, triumphal, Pind ., etc.

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