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eijsdromhv , hJ , an inroad, onslaught, Eur ., Thuc.


eij"-duvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , and as Dep. eij"-duvomai ( v. duvw ): f. -duvsomai , with aor. 2 act. -evdu<Eth>n , pf. -devdu<Eth>ka :— to get or go into, with eij" , Od., Hdt. , etc.

2. c. acc. to enter, Lat. subire , Il., Hdt. :—of feelings, eijsevdu me mnhvmh kakw`n Soph .; also c. dat ., deinovn ti ejsevdune sfivsi great fear came upon them, Hdt.


ei[seai , Ep. 2 sing. fut. of * ei[dw II .


eijsevdra±mon , aor. 2 of eijstrevcw .


eijsevdu<Eth>n , aor. 2 of eijsduvnw .


eij"-ei`don , Ep. -ivdon , serving as aor. 2 to eijsoravw .


ei["-eimi , inf. -ievnai , serving as fut. to eijsevrcomai : impf. eijshv/ein :— to go into, oujk jAcilh`o" ojfqalmou;" ei[seimi I will not come before Achilles‘ eyes, Il.:—more commonly with a Prep. , eij". metÆ ajnevra" Od.; para; basileva Hdt .; eij" . . or prov" . . , Id., Att. ; eij". eij" spondav" to enter into a treaty, Thuc.

II. of the Chorus or of actors, to come upon the stage, to enter, Plat.
2. as Att. law-term, to come into court, Dem.
3. to enter on an office, oJ ejsiwvn the new king, Hdt.
III. metaph. to come into ones mind, c. acc ., Id., Att. , Eur. ; also c. dat ., Id.: —impers ., eijshv/ei aujtou;" o{pw" . . , it came into their minds that. . , Xen.

IV. of things, ta; eijsiovnta what enters into one, food, Id.


eij"-elauvnw , Ep. -elavw : f. -elavsw »a±1/4 , Att. -elw` :— to drive in, of a shepherd driving in his flock, Od.

II. intr. to row or sail in, Ib.: to ride in, Xen .:— to enter in triumphal procession, Plut.


eijselqei`n , aor. 2 inf. of eijsevrcomai .


eij"-evlkw , to draw, haul, drag in or into: aor. I -eivlkuØsa , Hdt. , Ar.


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