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hjgorovwnto , Ep. for hjgorw`nto , 3 pl. impf. of ajgoravomai .


h[goun , Conjunct. , ( h[ ge ou\n ) that is to say, or rather, to define a word more correctly, Xen.


hjgwv , dat. crasis for h] ejgwv .


hjgwnisavmhn , aor. I of ajgwnivzomai .


hj-dev , and, properly correlative to hj-mevn v. sub hjmevn :—but, often without hjmevn , just like kaiv , and, Il.:— hjde; kaiv conjoined and also, Hom.


h{de , fem. of o{de .


h[/dea , Ion. plqpf. of oi\da : v. * ei[dw .


hj/devsqhn , aor. I of aijdevomai .


hJdevw" , Adv. of hJduv" , v. hJduv" III .

h[dh, [HDH, h[dh

[HDH , Adv. (related to nu`n , as Lat. jam to nunc), by this time, before this, already, or of the future, now, presently, forthwith, Hom .; nu;x h[dh televqei ‘tis already night, Il.; e[to" tovdÆ h[dh devkaton Soph .:—so in a local relation, ajpo; tauvth" h[dh Ai[gupto" directly after this is Egypt, Hdt.

2. of the future, levxon o[fra ken h[dh tarpwvmeqa Il.; steivcoi" a]n h[dh Soph.
II. often joined with other words of time, h[dh nu`n now already, Hom .; nu`n h[dh Soph ., etc. ; h[dh pavlai Id.; ejpei; h[dh , Lat. quum jam , Od., etc.


h[/dh, h[/dh" or h[/dhsqa, h[/dh , plqpf. of oi\da : v. * ei[dw .


h{disto", hJdivwn , Sup. and Comp. of hJduv" .

h{domai, {HDOMAI

{HDOMAI , Dor. a{domai : f. hJsqhvsomai : aor. I h{sqhn , med. hJsavmhn : Dep. :— to enjoy oneself, take

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