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jHluvsio" , a, on , Elysian, Anth.


h[luØsi" , ew", hJ , = e[leusi" , a step, Eur.


h\lfon , aor. 2 of ajlfaivnw .


hjlwvmhn , impf. of ajlavomai .


h{lwn , Ion. for eJalwvn , aor. 2 of aJlivskomai .


h|ma , tov , ( i{hmi ) that which is thrown, a dart, javelin, Il.


hjma±qovei" , essa, en , Ep. for ajm- , ( a[maqo" ) sandy, Hom.

h|mai, |HMAI

|HMAI , h|sai, h|stai, h{meqa, h|ste, h|ntai , Ep. ei{a±tai and e{a±tai ; imperat. h|so, h{sqw ; inf. h|sqai ; part. h{meno" :— impf. h{mhn, h|so, h|sto , dual h{sqhn , pl. h{meqa poët. h{mesqa, h|sqe, h|nto , Ep. ei{a±to and e{a±to :— to be seated, sit, Hom ., etc. :— to sit still, sit idle, Il., etc. : of an army, to lie encamped, Ib.:—of a spy, to lurk, Ib.:—later, of places, to lie, be situated, Hdt .; hJmevnw/ ejn cwvrw/ = eijamenh`/ , in a low, sunken place, Theocr. :—rarely c. acc ., sevlma h|sqai to be seated on a bench, Aesch. ; h|sqai Simovento" koivta" Eur.

h\mar, \HMAR

\HMAR , ato" , Dor. a\mar , tov , poët. for hJmevra , day, Hom .; nuvkta" te kai; h\mar by night and day, Il.; h\mar by day, Hes .; mevson h\m . mid- day, Il.; deivelon h\m . evening, Od.

2. in Hom. with Adjs. to describe a state or condition, ai[simon, ojlevqrion, movrsimon, nhlee;" h\mar the day of destiny, of death; ejleuvqeron, douvlion, ajnagkai`on h\mar the day of freedom, of slavery; novstimon h\mar , etc.

3. of the seasons, h[matÆ ojpwrinh`/, h[mati ceimerivw/ Il.
II. with Preps. ejpÆ h[mati day by day, daily, Od.; also, in a day, for a day, Hom .:—so, ejpÆ h\mar by day, Soph .; for a day, Eur .:— katÆ h\mar day by day, Lat. quotidie , Soph .; katÆ h\mar ajeiv Id.; but katÆ h\mar , also, this day, to-day, Lat. hodie , Id.:— parÆ h\mar every other day, Pind ., Soph.


hJmarthmevnw" , Adv. part. pf. pass. of aJmartavnw , faultily, Plat.


h{marton , aor. 2 of aJmartavnw .

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