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h[pou or h[ pou , = h[ , modified by pou , or perhaps, as perhaps, Hom.


h\pou or h\ pou , I suppose, I ween, Il., Soph. , etc. : after a negat. , much less, Thuc. II. to ask a question, is it possible that. . ? can it be that. . ? Od., Aesch.


hjpuvta± »uØ1/4, oJ , Ep. for hjpuvth" , ( hjpuvw ) calling, crying, hjpuvta kh`rux the loud-voiced herald, Il. From hjpuvw


hjpuvw , Dor. ajpuvw »a<Eth>1/4 , f. uvsw »u<Eth>1/4 : aor. I h[pu<Eth>sa : ( eijpei`n ?):— to call to, call on, call, Od., Aesch. , etc. :—
c. dupl. acc. , tiv me tovde crevo" ajpuvei" ; why callest thou on me for this? Eur.
2. absol. to call out, shout, Od.; of the wind, to roar, Il.; of the lyre, to sound, Od.
3. to utter, speak, patro;" o[nomÆ ajpuvei" Aesch .; tiv potÆ ajpuvsw ; Eur.

h\r, [Hr

h\r , contr. for e[ar .


h[ra<Eth> , 3 sing. impf. of ejravw .


h\ra± , aor. I of ai[rw :—but

II. h[raÆ , i.e. h[rao , Ep. for h[rw , 2 sing. aor. I med. of ai[rw ; so h[ra<Eth> , Boeot.


h\ra , a neut. Adj. pl ., acceptable gifts, kindnesses, h\ra fevrein Hom.

II. = cavrin , c. gen ., on account of, Anth.


{Hra , Ion. {Hrh , hJ , Hera, the Lat. Funo , queen of the gods, daughter of Kronos and Rhea, sister and wife of Zeus, Hom. , etc. ; nh; th;n {Hran , an oath of Athen. women, Xen. Hence JHrai`o"


JHrai`o" , a, on , of Hera: JHrai`on ( sc. iJerovn ) , tov , the temple of Hera, Heraeum, Hdt.


JHra-klevh" , contr. JHra±-klh`" , oJ : Att. gen. JHraklevou" , dat. JHraklevei , acc. JHrakleva<Eth> , voc.

JHrakleve", -ei`" : Ion. and Ep. , JHraklh`o", -klh`i, -klh`a :—the Att. forms are further shortd. ,

JHraklevo", JHraklevi>, JHrakleva± and JHra±kh` :— irreg. acc. JHraklevhn :— Heracles, Lat. Hercules , son of Zeus and Alcmena, the most famous of the Greek heroes, Hom. , etc. (The name signifies Heras glory,

{Hra" klevo" , from the power she obtained over him at birth.) Hence JHravkleidai

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