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I .


I, i, ijw`ta , tov , indecl., ninth letter of the Gr. alphabet: as numeral iV = 10, but Ëi = 10,000. The i subscriptum was called i prosgegrammevnon , adscriptum , and was so written till the 13th century, tw`i (not tw`/ ) , a" i" still done in capital letter" TWI . Changes of i :

1. Dor ., i for u in the 3 pl. and part. pres ., as filevoisi ejoi`sa for filevousi , etc. ; so also Moi`sa jArevqoisa for Mou`sa , etc. :—it was added to a in some Adjs., and in the aor. I part ., as mevlai" tavlai" rJivyai" for mevla" , etc. ; and in the acc. pl. fem. of 1st decl., as tai;" nuvmfai" for ta;" nuvmfa" .

2. Boeot. and Lacon. as siov", sei`o" , for qeov", qei`o" .
3. i<Eth> easily passes into ei , whence forms like ei[lw i[llw, ei[lh i[lh, ei[rhn ijrhvn : was sometimes exchanged with e , as in eJstiva , Ion. iJstivh :—often inserted to lengthen the syll. , e.g. eijn eij" xei`no" keinov" pneivw uJpeivr diaiv metaiv paraiv , for ejn, ej" , etc. The Quantity of i varies. -iv »i<Eth>1/4 , iota demonstrativum , in familiar Att. (not in Trag. ), is attached to demonstr. Pronouns, to strengthen their force, as ouJtosiv auJthi? toutiv , Lat. hicce ; ejkeinosiv oJdiv tadiv tosoutoniv tosondiv tunnoutosiv , etc. ; also to demonstr. Advs., as ouJtwsiv wJdiv ejnqadiv deuriv nuniv .


{I , nom. of the reflex. Pron. ou| , sui, Plat .: —dat. i{n aujtw`/ , sibi ipsi , Hes .; ijn (enclit.) Pind.

ijav, jI vA

jI vA , Ion. ijhv , hJ , a voice, cry, Orac. ap. Hdt. , Aesch. , Eur.


i[a , ijh`", ijh`/, i[an , old Ion. fem. of ei|" , for miva, mih`" , etc.


ijav »i<Eth>1/4, tav , heterocl. pl. of ijov" , an arrow, Il.


ijavqhn »a<Eth>1/4 , aor. pass. of ijavomai .


ijaiboi` »iØ1/4 , Comic exclamation for aijboi` , Ar.

ijaivnw, jIAI vNW

jIAI vNW , aor. I i[hna , Dor. i[a<Eth>na :— Pass. , aor. I ijavnqhn :— to heat, Od.

2. to melt: Pass. to be melted, Ib.
3. to warm, cheer, Lat. fovere , qumo;n ijaivnein Ib., Ib., etc. :— Pass. , ejn fresi; qumo;" ijavnqh Ib.; mevtwpon ijavnqh her brow unfolded, Il.; c. dat. rei, to take delight in, Od.


jIakcavzw , to shout [Iakco" ; c. acc. cogn. , ijakcavzein fwnhvn to utter the cry [Iakco" , Hdt.

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